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  1. That's funny !!! I do have some 18s and some 22s !!! Steve-stabgnid
  2. Got something in the mail !! Its under the treee !!! Steve-stabgnid
  3. I'm sending 2 flies a PT Cruncher from the 2013 summer Fly Tyer and the Night King from the 2020 Winter Fly Tyer... I put these in the Mail 12/11/2020.. Steve-stabgnid
  4. Scott, Great looking fly!! Is this a wet Fly ?? I think it is but just want to be sure . I would like to tie this for a swap .. Thanks, Steve-stabgnid
  5. I hope somebody will post a picture of this set ... Steve-stabgnid
  6. Can any one get a picture of these please.. Steve-stabgnid
  7. There are some cool flies there !!! thanks for the pics. Steve-stabgnid
  8. I would love to see a picture of this set if anybody has the time please.. Steve-stabgnid
  9. No problem just need to know you never know about the Post office these days .. you know not to send anything back to me .. Steve-stabgnid
  10. For the Beginner/Intermediate Swap I was wondering if you've decided on a pattern?  Let me know when you can.  Thanks.


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