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  1. I was gifted some hooks in sizes 18 & 22 but the eye of the hook is turned up what are these hooks used for ? Thanks for any help Steve-stabgnid
  2. You are in the "Nymphs"!  Let me know your pattern when you can and thanks for joining in again!


  3. Mine are done.. Tied one ugly a*s mop fly if this catches a fish my new name will be Mudd !! LOL They will be sent out Friday 9/18/2020 Steve-stabgnid
  4. Wow did I have a brain fart .... LOL Steve-stabgnid
  5. He takes awhile. I do believe he just moved to Oregon but you get to you. Steve-stabgnid
  6. Flytire what dose Woodchuck, tied trude style mean ??? Steve-stabgnid
  7. Hi Steve.  Just checking in on the Beginner/Intermediate Swap.  Just wondering if you've decided on your streamer pattern yet?  Let me know so I can update the site as well as give you some hints/tricks/avoid some traps information on your pattern to possibly help you along (or reinforce the information you've already been told! :))

    Let me know and YES you can change your mind - this is a swap not a contract! (Besides I already have a first born!).


  8. I like to tie anything that look appealing to me .. Steve-stabgnid
  9. I will take the 12 spot to fill this up !! stabgnid-Steve
  10. did you get mine ??? Steve-stabgnid
  11. Srry guys mine will be in the mail today or tomorrow ... Steve-stbgnid
  12. Welcome to the Beginner/Intermediate Swap.

    First, my mailing address:

    Kim Bowman

    505 Richards Rd.

    Camillus  NY  13031

    Now for future "regular" swaps this is all you'd get.  Unless it's 3 days before the deadline and the swapmeister (in this swap ME!) would've sent you at least three E-mails asking if you had dropped off the face of the earth and where are your flies - possibly not in that order!  As I said on the swap site do feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, etc...  This swap is for those who want to become better and more educated and confident tiers.  I also know that this may be your first swap so I want to walk you through the process so before long you are an old hat at this.

    I will be giving not only gifts of fly tying materials but also feedback on your choice of pattern.  Some things you may already know and that's fine but I come from a skill teaching background and I'd rather tell someone something they already know than to assume they know it and keep my mouth shut - and by the length of this post I think you can see I'm not that much of a tight lipped person!

    Let me know the pattern you'd like to tie and I'll post it on the swap and I'll be happy to give you some tying tips on your pattern.

    NOTE:  At this time we have 4 of the minimum 6 tiers needed to run this swap so it is not on as of yet but we have plenty of time.  I normally check the site each day and will update the swap site as needed and will post when we are officially running there as well.  Also, check the site by no later than October 3rd to see how many flies you need to tie - I will tell you with FULL assurance that you will need no more than 10 flies.

    Thanks for joining the swap and HAVE FUN!  Fly tying was never meant to be work! (Even for the professionals!)

  13. I have 5yrs tying is that intermediate? Steve-stabgnid
  14. Nice tie !! Looking forward to this new topic !!! Steve-stabgnid
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