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  1. Put mine in the Mail Today 5/20/2020 Steve -stabgnid
  2. I will tie a Snot Goblin ... Steve-stabgnid
  3. I got mine today !! (yes I kept this set glad I did) this ranks as one of the best sets I have ever got Great Job To All !!!!!! Steve-stabgnid
  4. I'm in doing a March Brown nymph.... Steve-stabgnid
  5. I Will think of something put me in... Steve-stabgnid
  6. I need a due date before I can make a decision... Steve-stabgnid
  7. Mine are going to the mail today 4/28/2020 .. How do you make pictures smaller !!!!! Steve-stabgnid
  8. Hey Flat Rock where did you find the fancy hook holder I would mind having one one them ... Steve-stabgnid
  9. Need Address ASAP ... Steve-stabgnid
  10. Well that's my problem here to plus I have no place to do this in our apartment ....... Steve-stabgnid
  11. I was gifted about 20 Squirrel Tails last year They have been cleaned and frozen for 6 months and microwaved and stored with some borax sprinkled on them ..So now I'm Looking for somebody to dye some squirrel tails for me . Steve-stabgnid
  12. Put me in on this Pattern TBA Steve-stabgnid
  13. Dang Mike first I did not reread it because I did not know he edit it I have been in plenty of his swaps I think he knew I was not being disrespectful Just offering a suggestion with that said take a chill pill .. You know that is all I was going to say but you really pissed me off you don't do any of these swaps but you sure like to abuse your power as an administrator and start drama over nothing now with that said I'm done ... Steve-stabgnid
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