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  1. I agree with the 2 above me 12 a good number with that been said ... I'm in Steve-stabgnid
  2. I'm in for this !!! Steve-stabgnid
  3. Nice set of jigs guys !!!! Breambuster where did you get the white & blue Chenille ??? Steve-stabgnid
  4. According to tracking you should have mine tomorrow 3/17 .. Steve-Stabgnid
  5. I think this is the earliest I ever had a set of flies in !!! LOL Steve-stabgnid
  6. Good Job Guys !!! Thanks for the pics... Steve-stabgnid
  7. Tying jigs is my first love !! I had a little side gig tying twitching jigs for salmon when I lived in Tacoma Washington.. Steve-stabgnid
  8. Can somebody please take a picture of this set of flies ??? Steve-stabgnid
  9. woodenlegs You should stop your body at the hook point... also if your using jig heads with a collar cut the lead of right behind the ball and pull it off (it come off very easy) this will make it look more uniform .. Steve-stabgnid
  10. Can we tie 2 of the same pattern ? I like to give my jigs out in pairs so if you lose one you got another one of the same.... Steve-stabgnid
  11. When you guys figure this please tell me how many jigs I need to tie Please I don't care if its 100 .. LMAO I'm starting to get ready for spring so I will be painting a lot.. Steve-stabgnid
  12. I'm in I just order some jig heads and some crinkle powder paint to try !!!! Steve - stabgnid
  13. Mine was stuck in Minnesota for a couple of days but there moving now Steve-stabgnid
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