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  1. Are variants Ok ??? Fly Fish Food as a Nice one on the red squirrel nymph... Steve
  2. Mine are going out Monday.. Sorry there late please forgive me please don't put me in fly tiers jail !!! Steve-stabgnid
  3. This place only works right every other day for me ... It only allows me to see the front page on each topic .. Steve-stabgnid
  4. Can somebody post a picture of this set Please ??? Steve-stabgnid
  5. I will put mine in the mail tomorrow 10/13/2022 Steve-stabgnid The Chicago Bears
  6. Sorry its for a micro intruder Steve-stabgnid
  7. Need a sub. for black Turkey flat.....For a micro intruder Thanks for any help Steve-stabgnid
  8. Mine are in the mail today had them done a week ago but couldn't get on the site for address Steve-stabgnid
  9. can i post now
  10. Have you got mine yet ???? Steve-stabgnid
  11. I'm in ...........Stabgnid
  12. Stabgnid- coyote wet fly Steve- stabgnid
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