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  1. Thanks to both of you, the videos really help me and the rest of us rookies. milo
  2. Thanks, I got Sally yesterday, it does great, some later on I'm going to try lacquer. many thanks, milo
  3. Milo Sally Hansens can take a little while to dry if your fly has a large head and you want a really nice finish - touch dry in 10mins or so depending on how thick a coating you put on... If you dilute it with Acetone (NEVER use nail varnish remover or thinners - SH goes cloudy) it will dry much quicker. When I am trying streamer patterns I put several coats of really thin SH which soaks in and then a single coat of 50% diluted and when that is fully dry, a coat of undiluted SH which gives a nice smooth coat:) On my usual "fishing" patterns, I rarely varnish the head - just one or two 4-turn whip finishes is usually sufficient:) Darrell Thanks Darrell,are you saying you can thin with acetone, not sure if I do that, but just a thought ! milo
  4. How long does it take to dry ? I have just tried Wapsi head cement which dries white, in fact they sent me a new bottle it also dries white, one thing good is the squeeze bottle with needle tip, now if I just had something to put in it.Any help for me ??? Thanks my friend, milo
  5. great bench, please give us sizes ! milo
  6. Maybe this will help someone, I bought a 1 oz.jar of Wapsi cement, as used it at night and the next morning it had turned white, so I called Wapsi and talked to a nice guy named Dan, he told me that they had a bad run of this, be being a nice guy he is mailing me a new plastic bottle of cement. That's what I call standing behind your product. Since I live 70 miles away from BPS this is a blessing. Hope this will help someone ! Good tying my friends , milo
  7. I will be back soon. I had Congestive Heart Failure about a week ago (that was scarier than the heart attack i suffered in 1996)and if i could only get the herniated disk in by back squared away i could sit at the computer for longer than 5 minutes Get wellsoon my friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you !, milo
  8. You are an ace at tying, I only wish I could do half that good. Many thanks for sharing ! milo
  9. try Allen Fly Fishing,plus free shipping, they also have a web site
  10. I use a Danvise, and I love it, and it sure improved my tying being able to look at both sides. As they say to each his own ! Good tying to all, milo3
  11. I must ask, how much ? Maybe I should have started saving years ago ! Anyway I'll just keep dreaming ! Many thanks, milo3
  12. What is it ? Looks good ! milo3
  13. I bought this at BPS , I used this on about 20 flies last night, got up this morning and everywhere I put glue it had turned white, I've been using super glue with great results.Had use black finger nail polish to cover this and most of it on my fingers. Many thanks, milo3
  14. milo3

    Hook prices

    try Allen Fly Fishing, great prices plus free shipping. Check out their website, also beads are priced right. milo3
  15. Thanks,I really enjoyed the video, so much I watched it 2 times . Really nice boat, a little overkill for here in central Alabama , of coarse we just have bass, bream and crappie, but I'm thankful to be out of the nursing home so I can fish again. Many thanks, George i i
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