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  1. I've been making my own leaders off and on for years. I still do occasionally. I seldom use furled leaders. I like them, especially silk furled leaders but they send off too much spray like Bryon stated. On large streams it's not too much of a problem but on the small streams in the Smokies that I fish it turns the fish off in a hurry. I mostly use Orvis leaders and my own tied leaders now. My leaders don't follow the norm though. I make them a 70/30 formula instead of the standard 60/40 formula. In windy or short casting conditions I find the more aggressive taper turns over the leader and fly better. A 70/30 leader also works better for long leaders (14-16+ feet). I also use a max of five sections and often just four. I don't notice the difference. I used to tie them with the 6 or more sections and it took too long and it was too aggravating. I tried a simpler leader and it worked just as well for my use. I also follow the George Harvey philosophy of using the softest mono I can find. I used to use Mason hard mono for the butt but figured out that Harvey was right, it's just too stiff and doesn't accept the transfer of the energy in the line well.
  2. The late Dave Brandt, Catskill tyer extraordinaire, soaked quills in small vials with water and a little glycerin (as flyflinger suggested above). His warning to me was don't leave them in the water too long. A day or two max because the quills will start to degrade and give off a really nasty odor. Another thing Dave Brandt did was re-use the long feathers he used for tailing and leave the last bit of tip on the feather and save those in a box for quilled flies. He left the tip on so he could see what color/type the feather was.
  3. niveker, Yep, Para-D kills bugs, it doesn't just repel them. I pour those crystals into stainless steel tea infusers that I got at the grocery store for cheap. I put one in each plastic box with materials. Like moth balls, the crystals evaporate also but in the closed plastic box I think it still has a residual/lingering effect even when they evaporate completely. Like these: https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Steel-Infuser-Filter-Handles/dp/B085HYT7VD/ref=sr_1_45?dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.4LzLQuhdV90DJW2yUcNtmzDW0DM95kRt_dRTfJS3Xhlx2c2jTrgq_YkeDcedKf5KIJj_wGsUvsrEBoOOQ7__uMJ6Ov-lmtdm8l1FA43qoJUwQZXLY57taliJkg7KRe_J6E12Ympk1LusHFIguEJUqd0FS0Hi82Aa1MFXjn8uLQwaTX3QhTilmzG5phOwOSmb_8e3F2DTK2ldkOGsfnidZIKSJHiOdG8Lc-W6SuniMPc9yvm3ybkUMTQ4S3ysSS-E8TueuW3uKGZdnJga33gaAdYiSyiEsvXYbklYjeDEiCA.E7ykoPCAyDa4WRM6uJshz_MpMtrH-JzQEb2Uxxu2PF8&dib_tag=se&keywords=stainless+steel+tea+infuser&qid=1716224584&sr=8-45
  4. When I was in Roscoe New York years ago I stopped by the old Dette shop and Mary was behind her Dyna-King Pro and I asked her what they use. She said "moth crystals". She went in the back and brought out Enoz Moth Crystals. Made with paradichlorobenzene. I"ve been using that ever since and have never had a problem with bugs. This stuff doesn't hang on to the "moth ball" smell for very long like regular moth balls do. This stuff: https://www.amazon.com/Enoz-Moth-Ice-Crystals-3/dp/B00XNN72PC?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  5. I went from a vest or chest box to a waist belt. A waist belt with Firstlight suspenders is far more comfortable for me. I also wear all stretchy hunting clothing primarily from KUIU. I couldn't be happier and I'm 66 also. The stretchy clothing is amazing and it sure helps scrambling up stream banks and rocks, which I still do. And I can use the same pants and wet wade if I choose. Once I get out of the water they drain quickly and "dry" in about 30 minutes. This is a big deal because I also go backpacking in the Smokies and fish as well. Those pants are a game changer as I can hike in them too. I wear a Simms stretchy wicking long sleeve hoodie (even in the summer) for comfort and to keep the mossies at bay. I am done with anything cotton. I switched to all synthetics decades ago. I think that is key to staying comfortable no matter the temperature or weather. When winter comes I stick to Merino wool on top. That stuff is a game changer also. Oh, and Kuiu's stuff goes on sale regularly (the only way to buy it IMO) and they have an "outlet" online. Buy once, cry once and be comfortable for years. The pants: https://www.kuiu.com/products/tiburon-pant-ash?variant=42623694078110 The shirt: https://www.simmsfishing.com/products/bugstopper-solarflex-hoody?variant=42165278998718
  6. Flies smaller than 16 are a no-go unless it's a Griffith's Gnat. Those I can still handle. It's the eyes, not the hands. I keep putting it off but I need to get a pair of those wear-on-the-head magnifiers.
  7. Welcome Ragtym! I used to live in Scottsdale and my boys and I went to Ben Avery also. Fantastic shooting facility but their safety and gun discipline was mediocre. We witnessed things that made me grab the boys and head to the car. We joined Phoenix Rod & Gun Club and loved that facility! I'm still a member there. I'm back in North Carolina now but my oldest son is still out there. I belong to a club here in NC. You are correct about the marksmanship. Guns are hated by many, especially in education so there's no appetite nor adults to teach the youngsters to learn to shoot. Remember when we could take a hunting rifle with ammo onto a plane and store it in the closet by the door? Yeah, those days are gone. Both of my boys shoot and shoot well. I started them early, around 7. I'm working with a close friend and his two boys now. He asked me to teach him and the boys. They absolutely love it. What I really need to do is get NRA certified in Rifle and Pistol instruction going in to retirement. It'll give me something to do.
  8. That's a nice "feature"! And here I thought it was me.
  9. I started out using a traditional Columbia vest 50 years ago, then a Filson Strap vest, then a Richardson Chest Fly Box (which I still use occasionally) but I now wear a belt that I made from military surplus pouches. I added suspender straps and I'm never going back. You can make a REALLY nice set up with a surplus "war belt" and utility pouches off of eBay. I made mine for under $100 bucks and it will never wear out, ever. The best part is I can fish all day and the back and neck never get tired.
  10. No longer living? Reuben Cross. He was the pinnacle of the Catskill fly tyers in my opinion. The late Dave Brandt, a friend of mine, comes in right with Cross...and Dave was as humble as they come. Living? A.K. Best or Davey McPhail. Both are exceptional in their own way.
  11. Brodin is shutting their doors and retiring. They make excellent nets and they are basically liquidating their current inventory. I picked up a Gallatin and it's beautiful. Better hurry they are running out fast. They have Gallatins and carbon fiber nets left and maybe a few more: https://www.brodin.com/
  12. Silvercreek, brilliant idea! You can make your own and it's easy to do. I made them for my tippet spools and if you use smaller diameter tubing it works better for thread spools.
  13. This doesn't help the current situation but that's why I leave a 3" tag end hanging off of the spool when I put them back into the drawer. The thing is, unless I'm diligent at keeping things straight I'll inevitably pull a 18" length of thread off a spool by accident just getting it out of the drawer.
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