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Found 13 results

  1. Very easy to tie ... maybe 3 to 5 minutes each until you get the hang of it, then just a couple minutes each.
  2. Hi, Is anyone usually tying todd's wiggle minnow here? I really love its wiggle action but the original designer's size is too big for me because I usually fish with 4WT rod and 4x tippet for small fishes. The image below is the todd's wiggle minnow I tied with gamakatsu octopus hook #6 (it's similar to #10 or #8 regular fly hook) and #12 B10S. The weight of these fly is only about 0.25g. The problem is that I have difficulty on making them running straight in the water when fast retrieving.(it will roll over or spin) I tried to trim the "face" of the fly but It doesn't work. The trimming even spoiled the action of my fly. However this fly is extremely effective in medium and slow speed. Do you have any suggestion for making it swimming straight? Thank you!
  3. These flies are easy to tie, and very effective on many species across the fly fishing spectrum. From freshwater fish including trout, bass and walleye, to saltwater fish like speckled trout, redfish, striper, and false albacore, This fly will catch just about any fish that is predatory on smaller baitfish. Its also pretty durable, and will last through many hard strikes from toothy fish. The movement from the craft fur is incredible, and really does seem to be very realistic. The fly also looks great, and has just the right amount of sparkle to attract the fish, but not spook them. It can be tied in a wide range of colors as well. I tie this on a Gamakatsu SS15 hook in size 2, but you can use a heavier wire hook for larger fish species, and a thinner hook for trout. You want the length of the hook shaft to be about the same though, so keep that in mind. Also, you can use a stronger thread than I used, just if its thicker, make sure and use less thread wraps. I prefer the thinner personally because its easier to keep the materials situated and even with it. To give some extra weight to this fly, you could make a few wraps with some lead wire as well. But I prefer this fly to suspend or slowly sink the way it does. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 in size 2 Thread: Veevus 10/0 in brown Hook Wrap: UTC Sparkle Braid in tan Fiber: Extra Select Craft Fur in white, tan, and dark brown Eyes: 3D eyes in 5-6mm UV Resin: Solarez Thin Formula, and Solarez "Bone Dry" Ultra Thin Formula
  4. Many people have already asked me to tie a fly with my beard hair, so here it is! I cut some hair from my beard, then tied a clouser minnow with it. I even went out and tested it on the water and I caught a few smallmouth bass with it! Pretty funny actually, catching fish with my beard. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - Size 2 Weight: Brass Dumbbell Eyes - 5MM Eye Adhesive - Super Glue Thread: Ultra thread 140 - Brown Fiber: My Beard! UV Resin: Solarez "Bone Dry"
  5. This "flash minnow candy" uses a flexible UV curing resin for the body shape of the fly. Instead of using hard curing resin which doesn't feel realistic, and is prone to cracking/breaking. This will be more durable, and utilizing a flashy material, it will shine brilliantly in the water. This fly is great for both fresh and saltwater fish. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 size 2 Tail fiber: Unique hair - clear/white Flash fiber: Starburst dubbing - pearl, holographic silver, jet black Eyes: 3D 4mm eyes Eye adhesive: Fletch Tite Body Resin: Solarez "flex" UV curing resin Thread: Danville clear monofilament thread - Fine
  6. The Schminnow was originally created by Norm Zeigler to fish snook on the small islands off of Florida. This fly resembles a large wooly bugger, but was originally tied with estaz. I myself have made some small edits to the fly and I call it the "super schminnow" its more flashy, has even more movement in the water, and has a weighted head for some jigging action. One of the reasons this fly works so great is that it can resemble a shrimp, or a baitfish. So its great for multiple fishing situations. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 size 1/0 Thread: Danville 210 waxed in white Tail: White select craft fur Under Body: EZ Body over dubbing Over Body: Ice dubbing (pearl) Music: Sunny & Funnysong - Bensound.com Dumbbell Eye Tips: https://youtu.be/1vAds9-bnhA
  7. New to the forum guys because of a question. Looking for some links,videos,etc.. For Flashabou minnow body. I have access to some ponds,& creeks that I want to try some bait fish patterns. Thanks all
  8. i caught what might be my first fish in years and possibly my first sucker on a fly. i was dead drifting a minnow pattern when i hooked into a average sized sucker. the problem is, the hook was JUST on the outside of the lip. so my question is......was this a fair fish, or did i line it?? it matters all the world to me to find this answer. i don't want to add this to my records if it was a lined fish. any thoughts??? edit: this is at the base of a weir dam. the pool is loaded with carp, suckers and possibly a backdrop steel. i have foul hooked a couple of suckers in this area already. that is why i'm questioning if it was a clean hit. if it was a clean hit, then i've got all the points nailed (place, pattern, presentation).
  9. hey I had an idea of a fly thats basically a slim mylar tube body and tail but i added two rubber legs at the head o was first thinking it might mimmick a salamander but when i looked closer at the finished product i snipped the legs quite short it looked like a minnow of some sort. by buddy says it looks like a disco dasmel which he called it when i did it with a blue deer hair.
  10. Heavy-handed Tactics Hook - Daiichi Alec Jackson Heavy Wire Spey Hook/Model 2061/Size 8 Thread - 8/0 UNI-Thread (Red) Front Hackle - Soft Schlappen Hackle (Furnace) - Tyed in facing out over the eye of the hook Body Hackle - Indian Hen Hackle (Furnace) - Stripped on one side and tyed in over the eye of the hook Front Body (Thorax) - Chopped Wool Yarn Dubbing (Red) Rear Body (Abdomen) - Pheasant Tail Fibers (Natural) - The butt ends are wrapped from the middle to the rear, then counter wrapped with the tying thread to reinforce the herl. Head - Tying thread whip finish, coated with clear nail polish The name of this fly comes from the heavy hackle collar at the head of the fly. This was an intentional design choice. I wanted to have a pronounced hackle collar at the front of the fly, similar to the head of a muddler minnow, yet somewhat softer. I wanted the profile of the fly to have some bulk, to make it resemble a small sculpin. I have not fished this pattern yet, so I cannot comment on it's effectiveness. The construction of this fly is identical to the flymphs I posted earlier in the year, just on a larger scale. It is hard to see in the photos (poor lighting), but the red front body becomes visible when the hackle moves around. It is intended to present a gimps of red, to imitate the opening and closing of gills. Impressionistic minnow imitation.
  11. Been tying again. Tried a Neversink Caddis, Mylar Minnow and a Green Weenie this time.
  12. Anyone have any good glass minnow patterns?
  13. Anyone have any good saltwater glass minnow patterns?
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