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  1. Just finished tying some natural coloured haystacks. They turned out so much better than last years I took those out to strip them to use the hooks again. Unless I find another use but I doubt it.
  2. Very very cool set up! Just think of the fun you will have figuring out what all the materials are for.......
  3. Thanks CharlaineC but I actually pick some up at the local fly shop on Friday. I think the best news is that my sons winter jacket is safe. Going to tie up some Sirloins tonight!
  4. Just came to me yesterday when I was putting away my son's winter jacket ....... I am going to try the fur along his hood. I could get into alot of trouble for destroyig his North Face jacket....... :devil:
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Planning a trip and I think I want to give this sirloin a go. I think I will tie up a few creations and see what happens...... here is hoping....
  6. If it is smoething I am really excited about and wanting to fish ..... it really does not matter.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I may try that. Have not ever even looked for coyote at the local store before they may have it. If not I will certainly tie a few with squirrel. I'll let you know how it tuns out....... Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions but I think I will avoid the domestic fur ideas..... Appartently coyote makes one meaty steamer when tied with a couple of wings of deer hair. Head like a muddler minnow. The fly is calld the Sirloin and it makes quite a meal. Hence the name.
  9. Give them away to friends for beer ..... I like that idea ....... right now I just give them away......... I can always tie more.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has found a suitable subsitution for Coyote fur? If I do not have to run to the store that would be great. Thanks!
  11. Started to get the bug last week and have been madly tying nymphs. Nothing fancy just my own little creations. Oh yea and some wolly buggers.
  12. I am a C Clamp guy myself. Never had any problems with it moving.
  13. I use water based acrylic as well. Takes a few coats and they look great. I then put a couple of coats of Sally Hansen's on them. Haven't got into anything too fancy yet but this works for me. Tim
  14. Nope. They never showed ...... Hey ... it happens. No worries. Tim
  15. geozip, No need to send me your flies. I am still half expecting them to show up. I religiously check my mailbox with my fingers crossed every night. I'll post again if they get here .... but as far as I am concerned ... that is the chance you take doing swaps. I would be upset if my set on the way to the swapmeister got lost but not too upset if my 'complete' set is lost. No worries, Tim
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