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  1. No posts in 3 months? Come one, someone has got to have caught a tarpon by now.
  2. Within the past two weeks I placed an order with GCO and received it VERY quickly. The hooks were good and sharp, true to size, and really excellent all around. The best budget hook I have used thus far. Two of the hooks had minor flaws, but I'm assuming that's a fluke, and they in no way affect the integrity or fishability of the hook.
  3. I believe it's just a one man show. And we should remember, after all, that these hooks are 100% free. I'm more than willing to be patient for something considering it is going to be costing him, not us, money to provide them.
  4. It's 80 degrees outside as I type this. Eat your heart out!
  5. Placed the order and the code worked great for me. Looking forward to trying out those 2XL hopper/terrestrial hooks. If they are good I'll be ordering from you again. Thanks!
  6. Thanks all. Glad that it got someone interested. And Bassmouth, if you go and tie flies that are better than the one in the video, how does that make me look? And for those that make videos, why is it that normally you can tie a fly perfectly with your eyes closed, but turn on the camera and you are fumbling left and right, making rookie mistakes, and getting tongue tied? LOL
  7. Thanks guys. Forgot to mention, if you are so inclined, you can click on the gear icon and watch it in 720P HD.
  8. Made my first fly tying video for my blog the other day- its mediocre, a long way from perfect, but decent enough I thought I would share it here. Pattern is the AZ Wanderings Mini Hopper, one of my favorite flies for trout in small streams and bluegill. It's even caught a few bruisers for me on the San Juan, so it's a versatile fly. Just thought I'd share in case anyone might be interested in tying this pattern.
  9. Top right corner under the white search bar. But it is not working for me.
  10. Hey all. I seem to be having a problem recently (been going on for around 1-2 weeks) where I can't view new posts. I use this forum by logging in once or twice a day and just pressing the new posts button to view content that has been updated. However, recently when I try to view new posts I get a blank forum page (forum skin is there, just no threads) and the message: Sorry, no new content found. I don't have the patience to go into every forum topic and look for new posts, so this kinda puts a crimp on using the forum. I have tried going over to the bar on the left and changing how new content is sorted to see if it helps/changes anything, but to no avail. Anyone else have this problem/insight on how to get the new post feature to work? Never had a problem with it before. Is it just my computer or is it some other problem?
  11. This happens to me as well even with direct link. What sometimes works is hitting post twice. So you get that little error message, get rid of the message, and then hit post again. That only works some of the times though. If that doesn't work go ahead and post it without the pictures, then use the advanced editor to add your img codes and post off of that. This is the ticket for me.
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