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  1. Okay, someone please tell me about Hayabusa Steel?
  2. Look forward to hearing more about the rod as you get experience with it.
  3. Vise height adjustment is simplified with a clamp.
  4. Haven't seen this man's work posted here in a while... http://www.marlodipietro.com/portfolio-1/
  5. Another pattern you may be interested in is the Wiggle Bug. It floats, dives and swims like a flatfish lure when stripped. There was a company ("Edgewater"?) that used to provide a variety of interesting foam fly tying products such as pre-shaped diver heads, popper heads, etc. They marketed "wiggle bug" kits which included the foam bodies, hooks and instructions for a small batch. Without the kits, making the bodies isn't that hard, though you do need to get the proportions close and the hole fairly well centered for the fly to swim correctly.
  6. For a stimi for a hopper-dropper? Poly yarn is cheap, doesn't absorb water, and can certainly wrap a smooth body down to #10/12. Polypropylene dubbing (Fly-Rite, Superfine) dubbed tightly will work for any size stimi. A strip of wrapped Razor Foam makes a great stimi body.
  7. Whoever labeled that photo misidentified the rooster's tail feathers as schlappen. Schlappen have very fine rachises and wrap very nicely -- wonderful feathers for certain situations.
  8. I thought Byron gave that vise away years ago.
  9. That's a long time to wait for an order to be packed and shipped out. When I lived about an hour's drive from Marriott's from the mid-80s to late-90s, I made frequent trips there. Later, with a move more than doubling the drive and less time available, my trips became fewer and fewer. I was tempted to place an order with them for some materials just in the last couple years. I read comments here and there about customers ordering items that showed available but proved to be out of stock and (naturally) not included in the shipment. Since some of the items I wanted were kind of outdated and off the radar of most tyers today, and because Marriott's had a history of cataloging everything under the sun (even if it never once made it in the store), I knew I wouldn't be happy if I paid shipping and waited a week to find out my order wasn't filled. Maybe the new owners have improved the system and that isn't really an issue. In any case, I would suggest verifying the filled status of your order before authorizing final payment so you avoid surprises.
  10. Why? Well, possibly for the same reason the following statement is incorrect: Both Veevus 12/0 and Veevus 14/0 are constructed similarly (twisted, multi-filament) and both lie similarly "flat" on the shank, whereas Veevus 16/0 is constructed from two, corded plies.
  11. This shop shows a really good price for a Regal Inex. Same (standard) jaws as the Medallion, and the jaws do rotate, though the stem is at a fixed angle. You can always buy the adjustable stem should you decide you want that feature at a later date. Disclaimer: I've never done any business with this shop. https://north40flyshop.com/fly-shop/fly-fishing-gear/fly-fishing-fly-tying/regal-inex-fly-tying-vise Some people use the knock-off "Crown" vises for years without complaint.
  12. #8 is an ideal size for calf tail
  13. I got the email yesterday. I didnt read anything into it other than another party will be the contact. I communicated with him over the holidays and learned there have been some health challenges in the home. Hes probably spread a little thin and got someone to help with the cust svc end.
  14. The number corresponding to "size" indicates the number of clips in that row. On my 5 clip boxes I've stored down to #6 but think it's better suited to #4 and larger.
  15. I may have misunderstood the OP. I took the question to be a concern that hook quality wasn't as good in the 90s, not that age has affected the hooks.
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