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  1. will it take 3 months to receive your order?
  2. Mine came yesterday, they all look great. Thanks everyone and thanks to Kevin for hosting.
  3. I was taught that when you walk up fish a stretch of river and encounter someone already there, it is polite to inquire whether they are fishing upstream or downstream and either fish the opposite direction or walk a few minutes to another stretch and give them some space. My experience on my local river lately has been that only about 5% of fly fishers were taught the same as I was. To make things clear I am talking about situations where there are hundreds of yards of empty publicly accessible water around and someone walks 25 ft upstream of me and starts fishing. This has happened to me at least once each weekend since the start of May on the local river I live above. I find it to be incredibly #%@^!! clueless. OK so I am done ranting........ My parents were Canadian, was I brought up excessively polite? What do you do when you approach the river and find someone already there fishing? Steve
  4. Kevin, Can you PM me your address? If there ends up being no replacement then you can keep my extra. Thanks Steve
  5. Your rod looks great. I've been eyeing the 5 or 6 wt Rainshadow switch kit (also from J Stockard), so far I have been able to hold off, but I find myself looking at it more and more often.
  6. SSC

    Fish Pictures

    A brown I caught earlier this week, it ate the reel right off my rod!
  7. Beautiful rods, what is the overall length? I was looking at the Quickline 6wt switch as a possible blank for my 2nd rod build. Have you built any rods on the Quickline Switch blanks? Do you have any opinion on them? Thanks
  8. It's true....I got some at JoAnne in the sewing section, I believe they called it bathing suit elastic. They only had it in 3/8" width, so I use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to make the width I need. I also use permanent markers to color or mottle the underside of the elastic. Works great and is cheap.
  9. I've found Wal-mart to have the largest and most reliable selection of the drink mixes, they have non name brand varieties as well as Kool-Aid that will give similar results. Also If you are going to do a fair amount of dying, Citric Acid smells better than vinegar and can be cheaper in the long run. If you have a home brewing / wine making supply somewhere near you they will have some for sale.
  10. Funny, I just got done blending up some Kool-Aid dyed "Lemonade doggy dubbin" for the body of my fly in the Carp Swap. I'd like to join in. I was experimenting with white and black strands of Border Collie tail hair for use as quill bodies a while back and I would like to get back to that. I'll tie a #16 Mosquito. DISCLAIMER: no Border Collies will be harmed in the tying of these flies.
  11. Check out the link posted by terrymiller1973 above. You can achieve "earth" tones with drink mix (Kool-Aid) by blending ratios of flavors. Shades of brown with the Grape and Orange combo and a lt olive with the Lemon-lime and Orange combo have both worked well for me on a variety of fur and feathers. I could not achieve a satisfactory dark olive with drink mix. For Black and Dark Olive (avocado), I used the powdered acid dye from Dharma Trading Company. I found it to be far superior and more economical in the long run than RIT. They also sell Synthrapol and their own brand of fabric detergent. I got a "blacker" black in one round of Synthropol prewash and DTC acid dye than in 2 rounds using RIT on deer hair. I have no interest in this company, but after using the detergent and acid dye I won't ever bother with RIT again. For bright colors, brownish and yellowish tones I'll keep using Kool-Aid.
  12. Try using a lot more vinegar than you have been. Steve
  13. I would like to take part. I'll tie the Mellow Yellow. Steve
  14. I tyed up a couple of small tube flies for trout. I used the plastic section of a generic brand cotton swab for the tube and melted a "flange" on each end. Then I dressed the tube and left 1/4" of tube bare at the back end for the connection of clear tubing that will hold the eye of the hook. Does the clear "hook" tubing attach to the dressed tubing just by friction or do I super glue it to the tube ? Thanks in advance Steve
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