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    Welcome this a great forum!
  2. I hope you can read english! I sure can't read French LOL I just tried Welcome to the group
  3. Welcome I know youal enjoy yourself. I sure have and learning lots!
  4. Welcome Roadki11, It is almost worse for me up here in the Lubbock area. I have to travel to get the good fishing. If you have not seen it yet, the book Flyfisher's guide to Texas is great. Anouther thing to know is that were a public road cross the rivers is public access to the river. You just have to stay in the river bottom or within the flood area of it. Give your local Game wardon a call and check each river though just to be sure.
  5. If my mistakes were only that small! Becouse I can't see them that is a beutifull piece of wood working. I used an old cumputer desk that I made a back for that holds peg board and a shelf on top. It works for now. I am working on plans to have my own custom one done.
  6. Thats great ideas! Has any body taken these pieces of mono and put glass beads or some thing like that ether?
  7. I love to to catfish with convitional takle. I have not cought a catfish with fly rod yet. I was woundering how many have done it and what the biggist I could execpt in a fly rod is. I could like to know it there are a few flyies that rise to the top of your minds as being more efective than others. I think the wooly bugger and the Dobson larva would be great. My son cought a 10" Channal on a stone nymph. If you have some pictures of your catches or flys that would be great. Also if you know a tecknek that would helpcatch them that would be great.
  8. So the safest way to catch gar would be to sight cast to them only to reduce the risk of no targeted species! Are the gar very spooky? Will I need to cast ahead of them and wait?
  9. I was woundering did I post this question in the wrong area. If I did I am sorry! Has no one has fished this area before? I have read about it in the New Mexico Guide To Fly Fishing, But I would rether talk to some one that has been there before.
  10. If you are looking for craft foam and have a hobby lobby they carry a great seletion of foam! My store has 2mm,3mm,and 5mm in a range of colors. The 5mm was $1.27 for a a large sheet. I hope this helps!
  11. Is it possable to cut the Nylon lose from there mouthes? I dont mind the time it would take. I just hate the idea that what ever I chatch will have to die. I dont mind eating a few but would like the choice. Thanks for the link there Heavynets lots of good pictures there.
  12. I have gar where I fish at and was woundering what patterns work best. Will they take top water flies or should it be streamers? I saw the great post about gars in the carp fly post. Its a pretty sure thing that the fly is a one fish fly, I have handled gar and there teeth will shred a fly!
  13. Nice set up! i have my reloading away from the house as well. I did it on purpose though that away if there is ever A accident it is away from the family. I KNOW ITS UNLIKELY! But an once if prevention is very much worth a pound of cure. I think
  14. Wow thoose are big birds gravytrain! I was woundering if peaple ever trade for other materials?
  15. They still are a good price though. They seam like they are ceaper than price than most.
  16. I joined yesterday. Looks like a great forum with great peaple. I have been fly fishing for about ten years off and on. I received a tying kit for Christmas and I love it. I was woundering if there are any of you from my neck of the woods so to speak.( we don't have woods) I am learning to build rods also. I live on a small farm with my family. The family is made up of my wife and four boys. I look forward to learning and sharing lots of things with you guys and girls.
  17. I have a cheapo vise from a kit. I am looking at the peak or the renzetti traveler 2000. What do yall thing of the two vises.I would like to have your thoughts so I can make an informed decision.
  18. I would also think age has something to do with it as well. I have a new puppy thats to be a fishing buddy. The times I take her out are more for training and having fun with her untill she is mature but by then she should know how to behave on the water. I will be getting some pictures here really soon. She is only six weeks right now.
  19. I am building a 9ft 9w right now for pike!
  20. I am planing to go in April after Northern Pike and Trout. I was woundering if I will have to have waders to fish it? Any addvise and patters that worked good for them would be very helpfull. We are going to the John Dunn Bridge. I would like to make sure I am as ready ass I can be!
  21. I think they look great. I will have to get some of my fly pictures on here. Becouse some of mine are truely ugly.
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