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  1. Flies are all tied up, and will be in the mail Monday! I'll have some extras to be spread out to folks as well.
  2. Count me in for #2, big saltwater or freshwater flies!
  3. Flies went out this morning! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone ties up!
  4. All tied up, I'll have em sent out in the next week or so!
  5. Northern California for me as well. Mendocino County. There are a few classic steelhead patterns that have been developed on the Russian and Eel, but I can't for the life of me remeber which ones. Haha
  6. California here, I'd love to take part in this one! I'll tie up some of Hogan Brown's S&M Nymph. An incredibly productive pattern developed for the Yuba River.
  7. Enjoy them man! Let me know if they're lucky enough to find their way into some unlucky fish's mouth!
  8. No worries, Nick. I'm looking forward to seeing what they and you tied up! Next year's will be here before we know it... Glad to hear you guys didn't get hit too too hard. My dad lives in Muldrow, OK (last town east before reaching Fort Smith on 64, and it's gone from 60s to 20s, rain and flooding, to sunshine, followed by snow and ice in the past week or so it seems.
  9. I fish those that are relevant to what/where I might be fishing and keep the rest in backup boxes, or in a swap box on my desk. I usually keep the toe tags on them until I do fish em so I can let the tyer know how they worked for me. I'll also use some that I don't fish to give to kids or people in need of flies as well.
  10. Second batch have been shipped out... any dice? I'm getting pretty fed up with the postal service. I've had these go missing, a fly order go missing, and two packages heading my way that are two weeks late so far.
  11. I'm having the worst luck with the post office this year! Mine haven't arrived yet, and I have packages from two other people that are two weeks late on delivery as well, plus I've had a set of flies to someone else go Awol a month ago... They'll show up someday!
  12. Okay. Not sure what happened to mine but I have flies from another swap lost in transit as well... I'll time some up and send em back out. Sorry for the hold up!
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