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  1. Lil’ Hood Rat Hook: Firehole 811, Size 8 or Gamagatsu B10s Thread: Brown 6/0 Tail: Micro Chenille, Brown Legs: Pine Squirrel Strips, Tan or Natural Body: 2mm Foam, Tan The next challenge fly is the Clown Shoe Caddis
  2. Nice Tie. I would like a chance to try the Lil’ Hood Rat for some Colorado Brookies.
  3. Opal Buzzer Hook: Scud / Pupa Hook, size 12-18. Fire Hole 320 shown Thread: Black, 12/0 or 70 DN. Rib: Small Wire Black Body: Mirage Opal Timsel, Medium Breathers: Uni-Floss, White Cheeks: Holographic Tinsel, Small, Orange. Veevus H14 shown Head: Thread & Resin
  4. Scuds Hook: Firehole 718 BL, Size 16-20 Thread: Semperfli Nano-silk 50 Dn Antennae/ Tail: India Hen, to match body Body: Arizona Simi seal dubbing, olive, tan or gray Hot Spot: Fluorescent Orange Thread Shell Back: Scud back, clear Rib: Copper or gold Wire, Small
  5. Devin Olsen at TacticalFlyfisher dot com has provided Troutstanding Service at very reasonable prices. They are my go to for hooks and beads. I have no complaints from them. Blue Quill Angler has good service and a low minimum purchase price for free shipping. Charlie’s Flybox has outstanding stock of materials and good service. They are a little on the pricey side, but you get good service. And as you have mentioned, Avid Max provides good service and a large inventory. They are close to home, so I rarely mail order from them.
  6. Nice, I’m tieing up some of these for next week!
  7. I tied some juvenile damsel nymphs for next week. These guys are just under an inch long. Hook: Curved Nymph Hook, 2XL, Size 14, (Orvis 8A03, TMC 2302, Firehole 718) Thread: 70 DN or 8/0, Olive (Uni 8/0 Olive used) Tail & Body: Marabou Blood Quill, Olive or Damsel Olive Rib: Small Wire, Color your choice Wing Case: Thin Skin Legs: Hen Saddle, Olive Eyes: Mono Eyes, small Thorax: Ice Dub, Olive
  8. Consistency allows the fly tyer to vary single material components to improve performance, or to repeat past successes with a pattern.
  9. Have you reached out to Loon, and what was their response?
  10. Nice tie. If you are interested in critique, consider keeping the rib raps the same at 6 or 5 turns, whatever, just be consistent. Otherwise, looks good to me.
  11. A few of my go to patterns for Stillwater’s. Top to bottom, left to right 1 Ellas Beast Jig 2 Midnight Fire Bal. Bugger 3 Lancer Damsel 4 Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail 5 Jig Damsel Ellas Beast 6 Zucchini Midge 7 Callidrangus Nymph 8 Simple Callibaetis 9 Booby Flies
  12. Welcome to the club! I love all the weekday fishing since retirement and extra time to tie flies.
  13. Heff, that fly is Troutstanding!
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