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  1. Thanks guys. Great info.
  2. I'm headed down to Gulf Shores next week for vacation and intend to do some fly fishing. I've bait-fished , but never fly fished saltwater. I read through the similar topics in the archive, and found those helpful but also want to ask if anyone else has any advice? What weight line would be ideal for surf vs the bay. Thank, Tim
  3. Still nothing...lied to again.
  4. Got the May set Thursday, so I mailed the June flies (size 22 F-Fly) this morning.
  5. Guys/Gals, June will be my last month. I've PM'd Blane and Riff. Thanks for letting me swap with you.
  6. The tracking said mine were delivered. Did you not get them?
  7. Anyone got their flies? I live in the same state, it shouldn't take a week.
  8. So everyone else knows, I sent my flies last week. Tracking said they arrived 5/19.
  9. xrayts

    Fish Pictures

    I'm certainly not an expert, but I'm pretty sure it's a Kelp Bass (Paralabrax clathratus). I also love catching different species, even if they're tiny. Tim
  10. Got first three months' flies. Great sets by all.
  11. With your inlay skills, I bet your could make some beautiful guitar fretboards, too.
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