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  1. Our prayers are with you. May your recovery be fast and unremarkable. Michael
  2. Adam Ant in Portland Me 1982 I think. Drove in a raging blizzard for 2 hours to see them. They played for maybe 150 people and they played like it was Wembley Stadium. Epic! Second was taking my Daughters to their first concert, Zac Brown on the waterfront. Michael
  3. Thanks for the input. The more I ask the more I realize there’s a lot I hadn’t thought about. Michell, Had you considered putting a insulated box around the compressor? Along the idea of how an I/O motor is insulated on a boat. Just an idea. I appreciate it. Michael
  4. Question for your Mikechell, Now that you have had a chance to be in the shop, what would you have changed about the building? i.e. Bigger, smaller, taller, more windows, more insulation, more outlets or perhaps 220v? I'm in the planning stage of building a shop and looking for some input. Thanks Michael R. Earle "Esse Quam Videri"
  5. Saw them in concert in Bangor Me a couple... a few years ago. EPIC!!! Michael
  6. I see the fans in the background are cheering for you… or they are egging on the dog to reach for something. 😏 michael
  7. Found this pasta cutter at an antique shop. It had a bad handle so I thought I’d use some scraps to make a new one. Michael R. Earle “Esse Quam Videri “
  8. Mikechell, You mentioned using pallet wood for your projects. Have you used any cutoffs from hardwood flooring? Frequently I can hit up the local installers and they'll have a box full of the stuff for little or no money. Only issue is the finish needs to be ground off before you touch a tool to it. Michael
  9. Mikechell, No worries. I had made a larger version of this a while back that is 2.25" wide. I put a 21" handle on it for extra support. I was forewarned to keep a scrapper below the center line of the piece you are turning. That way you prevent any possibility of a catch. They both peal off rice paper thin ribbons. It's really cool to watch.
  10. I finished making a 3/4” round nose scrapper out of a piece of 1/2” thick chipper blade. That stuff is extremely hard steel. I’m turning the center of a ravioli rolling pin using Hard Maple. I think the scrapper is going to do what I need. Michael R. Earle ”Esse Quam Videri” IMG_0251.MOV
  11. DFoster, Filled up last night for $4.069. Went past same station mins ago they are now $4.299. On top of that, my wife showed me the electric bill last week, there was a 2x increase in both my house and my shop. With out a question this will cut back on some destination fishing this year. It will absolutely cut back on the duck hunting too. Ok NOW I feel like an old man because all I want to add is “when I started working my first job was at a gas station, I was pumping gas at $29 cents/gal. I can still remember my Dad saying he would sell the truck befor he payed .50 cents a gallon. There was a great deal of expletives that went into that statement too. Michael R. Earle ”Esse Quam Videri”
  12. Poopdeck, If you also look up Lichtenberg Machine you will find how these work. Really cool stuff. Mikechell, Now all you need is some epoxy and colors.
  13. Just watched the weather forecast, looks like we are getting the same storm Thursday and Friday. I have the shovel all warmed up. Michael
  14. Well worth the price of admission I’d say. Michael
  15. Well, we had a different weather pattern here in Maine yesterday. Snow started about 7am and ended about 4am this morning. Only needed to shove twice,. Turned out to be reasonably lite snow, but there was 20” of it. Michael
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