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  1. Have a friend who is a professor at a military collage. He calls it "Social Ineptitude" and puts the blame squarely on the parents. People are quickly looseing their social graces because we learn our social graces from TV and the internet. He was having a phone conversation with the Admiral of the collage when a new student walked up to his desk and said he had a question. He apologized to the Admiral for needing to put him on hold, stood up and told the student to get out. Student said "but I have a question for you Sam". He told him told him to get out if his office or get tha hell off his campus. We seem to have forgotten to to teach kids how to be good people. Michael
  2. This is a great looking stick. If it isn't sold all ready, I've got a dollar if shipping is free. Michael
  3. If you have friends that are taxidermists, upland game hunters and water fowler hunters, they will be great resource for tying material. If you don't, it will be an opportunity to make new friends. Michael
  4. Mikechell, I'm curious if you could flip the pulleys that are there? If the spindle size is the same on the motor as on the fan, would the motor have the capacity to handle the change in load. Michael
  5. Mikechell, Can you come up with a squirrel cage blower and motor from a furnace and use that for your Dust Collection system? Michael
  6. Blake welcome to the forum and a life time of possibilities. We all have one thing in common here. We all have an opinion and I am no different. I would recommend to start simple just as others have mentioned. I would recommend to starting with something like The Maple Syrup https://www.maineflyfish.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12874-maple-syrup/ move up to a Wooly Bugger http://flyfishforfun.com/top-5-woolly-bugger-fly-fishing-patterns-tie/ then move up to a Clouser Minnow https://howtoflyfish.orvis.com/fly-tying-videos/salt-bass-streamer-flies/649-clouser-minnow or a Mickey Finn https://howtoflyfish.orvis.com/fly-tying-videos/salt-bass-streamer-flies/649-clouser-minnow This would give you a great start with the basics of tying. JMHO, Michael
  7. Bryon, Wow, just.... Wow. Michael
  8. Good day Mr. Mikechell, Sorry for the delay, Happy Birthday and Congrats on the starting of the shop. Looks awesome. The dust collector looks incredible. I really like the idea of the price. Just showed your ingenuity. I have been thinking about putting my collection system outdoors, however in the winter time I would be sucking the heat outside. The collection systems that Bill_79 showed would be fine outside. The db levels should not effect the neighbors. If there is an issue, mount it the the building and box it in. If I may add a bit the the future set up of your shop. Wherever you have a bench or handle any sharp tools, put a piece of plywood or OSB under the work area. There is nothing I have found more frustrating than to drop a newly sharpened tool onto concrete edge first. I have also found the tools don't like it either. The concrete doesn't seem to have any opinion about it. Michael
  9. Mikechell, You are correct!!!
  10. Thought I'd resurrect this thread because I'm al most back to work. Had shoulder surgery the end of Feb. This is the first turning project I've done since. I'm good for about 3 hours at a time on the lathe. These are Trinity Bowls.
  11. Caddis16, I'm curious if you have been to his shop? If you haven't, you might want to stop in sometime. It is just north of east west nowhere. It is about 2 1/2 hours north of my home. However, his shop is amazing and his hackles he has created are incredible. I thought they were quite reasonable in price and picked up a couple. Interesting guy to have a conversation with, he is a retired Game Warden and has a multitude if stories. Michael
  12. I'm thinking I may have to make another net. I think this might make a good handle. Michael
  13. I also found a video Michael
  14. Good morning Landon, I have had 4 vises in my 40+ years of tying now. I started with a vise made in India and made a mess of that due to over tightening it to get the hooks to hold. I then purchased a Thompson AA that I used for some years when I was tying for a couple of shops. When that finally gave up the ghost I purchased another. That took me up to 5 years ago. I researched as many review as I could. That is when I purchased a Peak. I did buy the package with all three jaws and added the riser. I have enjoyed tying with it and can see this will last for a long time. I not sure I will have enough years to put a dent in this vise. This is just my two cents and I hope that it may help you wade through all the vises that are available. Michael
  15. Hello Bryon, Your nexts are exquisite in materials and in form. They have a wonderful elegance to them. You have given me something to strive for. I had an opportunity to take some time on a remote pond and put my new net to the test. I think it did alright. Funny how it works out. They changed the regs this year to nothing over 12". It has been years since I've caught anything over 10". Everything I caught that day was in the 14-15" class. Go figure. Michael
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