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  1. Interesting view of the moon Saturday night. Michael
  2. If it is any consolation my Wife says I have the same problem. I myself don’t think she is correct however the two shoeboxes of hooks may prove me wrong. Michael
  3. Or take them to piano lessons Michael
  4. Cphudert, Thank you for your sentiments. It is truly appreciated. As soon as I hit the send button, I realize the potential it had to bring up the “political divide”. This was the furthest thing from what I wanted out of this. I am with you that there is a lot of narrative truth or otherwise on line. I guess a different way to ask ”do you find it more or less, better or worse, satisfying or irritating to have this information at your fingertips?” Cheers Michael
  5. My wife was born and raised in Lewiston Maine and on the other side of the river in Auburn was where I grew up. We still have families in the area and they are all physically safe but dealing with the aftermath of this mind numbing event. My wife has been glued to the computer scratching at every piece of information as it comes along. Some thing I was thinking, we grew up when there were 3 forms of information available for such tragic events. Tv, radio and newspapers. Today we have the computer with all its resources. The question I have “do you think it is better to have a limited amount of resources for information or an unlimited amount of resources? Michael
  6. I sold furniture for 32 years. There are no truer words spoken. Michael
  7. I’ve never stripped a feather. However I’ve forced wood into being an herb stripper. Does that count for any points? Michael
  8. Brings back memories of lands we used to explore in our hormonal infused hay days. Only thing missing is the quarry to swim in. Michael
  9. This is the view we woke up to every morning. It didn’t suck. Michael R. Earle
  10. Ended the day with my Daughter landing an 80lb tarpon. These are by far the largest fish they have caught in their lives. The memory will live on. Michael
  11. niverker, Son-in-law caught the first Tarpon and the only Barracuda of the day. we also caught a Horse Eyed Jack, a Trigger Fish and some Tuna. Michael
  12. This was the start on an epic morning of fishing.
  13. Ah yes…. But would our parents have sued the match manufacturer, the rope company, the wheel company and Acme Co? Just askin’. Michael
  14. Now that is a worthy hike. Michael
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