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  1. That is awesome!!! So glad that it has worked its way into a livable situation. Michael
  2. I may get haters for this, however.... I am not vaccinated and for a multitude of reasons that are legitimate to me. That being said, I am coming closer to understanding what the attributes and the pitfalls are to the vaccination and am coming closer getting it in the near future. My wife is vaccinated because she is in the medical profession. What I find curious is the medical field is saying that a person that has been vaccinated can still contract COVID19, although their symptoms will be greatly reduced, however they still have the ability to spread this virus. So my question is, "Why are we lifting the mask mandates?" I do apologize for the controversy, Michael
  3. A few things I've figured out so far. I am planning to weld them together and putting a roof on it. Being in Maine, I plan on insulating the heck out of it. Probably closed cell spray foam. As for your compressor/dust collector room, I would highly recommend either a cyclone style or adding an inline separator for the system you choose. This will help with disposing of larger particles MUCH easier. Also look into making an overhead air filtration system to you shop to remove the fine particals. The will help keep you around a lot longer. Thank you for your insight. It will help. Michael
  4. Mikechell, Looking into building a shop to replace the old one. At the moment I'm thinking 3 shipping containers on piers. Any advice? Things you would have changed, things you would add or subtract, multiply or divide? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael
  5. 5-14-19 The Painted Trilliums are just starting to bloom. Michael
  6. Hike in with portage pond. It is a quiet place. Michael
  7. Wow, that is awesome to hear! Michael
  8. My last spalted bowl had a couple of soft spots in it. A member of our woodworking group had mentioned something called "Wood Hardener" by Minwax. Really interesting stuff. Definitely firms up the wood so you can turn it. Although I did find it tough on sandpaper. Not sure if I didn't let it set/harden long enough because it had a tendency to gum up the paper as it heated up. Michael
  9. Mark, I meant to ask if you found any of that bowl to be a bit too soft/punky? I've tried a couple of spalted pieces only to find them too far gone and quite difficult to work with. Michael
  10. Mark, WOW!!! I really mean to say WOW!!! That is absolutely gorgeous. 20" is huge. Did you do it on the outboard or are you able to get that inside the centers? Michael
  11. With the tool rest in place, it sounds just like the prop on an airboat. Kinda cool and has an enormous pucker factor. Michael
  12. Mikechell, This is today's progress. It is just half of the cube. Michael
  13. HUGE GONGRATS on some sleep! That is good to hear. Michael
  14. Started my next tri-corner bowl. At just shy of 16", this is the largest diameter bowl I will have attempted. This is what it looks like at 600rpm.
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