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  1. No argument from me Mike! For me, it's not about saving money, it's having what I need, when I need it. This took many years to collect too. The question that remains, Tidewater, is......How many more years will it take for it all to be used?
  2. Super glue when used as a head cement tends to cloud over time, which doesn't hurt the fishing ability of the fly, but doesn't exactly add to the beauty of the fly.It's main use on my desk comes when I am attaching lead wire to a hook shank,or when I am tying with a delicate material, such as peacock herl. Apply a thin layer to the area that you intend to wrap, and then wrap the material over the superglue, which will make the fly much stronger.
  3. Further work on filling my fly box. A March Brown. Old Hat's Tied Down Caddis I tried the Wright Royal, which was featured in a recent topic.
  4. Getting ready for the upcoming fishing season by filling my fly box. Shuttlecock A Red Tag An Irrisistable A Missionary And a Royal Coachman.
  5. America Angler had a recent article about this. It basically said an attractor pattern is used as a searching fly when there is no apparent hatch, as it appeals to a fish's curiosity. Kirk, another example of an impressionistic fly would be the X-Stimulator. With it's large wing it can represent a stone fly, or with its rubber legs it imitates a hopper.
  6. A Tinsel Wulff. It's tied like a Royal Wulff, but the red floss is substituted with tinsel And Whats an Ausable Wulff? .
  7. What criticism? It looks great!
  8. I know it will differ from place to place, but about when does the squirrel change its coat?
  9. It depends where you fish, but my top three are Woolly bugger, woolly bugger, and wolly bugger.
  10. Good looking desk. Rephrase: very good looking desk. What kind of wood did you use? It looks like oak or maple.
  11. I've never had prince nymphs work for me, or a muddler minnow for that matter.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, what's the mayfly tailing material? It looks like microfibbits to me, but I don't think that's the case.
  13. You beat me to it. Another I like is David Cammiss.I like Camiss' channel as well. If you're beginning fly tying, oysterboiler's channel is a good place to start.
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