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  1. Poppers or sliders turn a T.C.S. Body around and use it like a walk the dog style top water lure. Bass love them. Pretty sure I have seen a many people post that style on here before.
  2. Thanks for all the compliments. I love the history of fishing and to be able to have lures make and handed from person to person over a vast amount of years is just amazing when you think about. Who made this? Are they still alive? How many fish did it catch and what species? That who what where and when list can go on forever. and don't forget how many memories were made by the people who used them. In my case these were giving to me from family so I can trace the history back pretty well. I figured some of you would live these pictures and the history behind it seeing as many of you guys share that same passion for history in fishing. Going to make a nice shadowbox for these items because to me they are worth much more then antiques. It will be one of my winter projects.
  3. Thanks also got a few rapalas and some other old lures still in original boxes with paper work that has not been touched. Going to make a shadow box and display them in my tying room
  4. also how do i tell if the medalist is stamped steel or machined?
  5. Only one 1492 just took 2 pictures because it is epic. Was my stepdads fathers. and yes ill get more pictures of the automatic.
  6. The other day I got handed down a bunch of old fishing lures hooks and a couple of reels I'll add more pictures when I get home but these hooks caught my eye the most.
  7. Thanks I did look up in one of my older books just to see how they where tied. Might give them a shot next time I'm on the river. These hooks are sticky sharp as well.
  8. Here you go. I am not great at tying spider patterns but I gave it a shot. Hope this helps.
  9. True I like my allen hooks as well but I got a deal on them from eBay. And the idea of them being almost invisible in the water had me intrigued so I pick a couple packs up but you guys are right for the normal price of $8 a pack is a bit over the top for a fishing fly. Was just seeing if anyone noticed a difference when fishing with these or not.
  10. Well I have read up on these hooks and figured I would give them a try. Was wondering if anyone here has used this hook before and had any input on them? This is #15 Soft hackle just messing around with this hook right now.
  11. Not sure of that bird species but I am sure someone on here will and I hope it is not illegal to own but someone else will chim in on that I am sure. Also will get the don't buy off ebay and expect the best. If you can not put natural materials in your hand before you buy DON'T unless you have bought from the person many time or other have posted great comments in the feed back section. Well for one the skull is still on the bird which is more then likely the source of the smell. The skin also looks to be soft and flexible if so it was not dried out right. First thing you need to do is get rid of the skull if you can. Wash it in hot soapy water and clean dry it by pinning the skin to a cardboard sheet skin side up. after it is dry put it into a container and pour borax over it and let it sit for a couple of days. take it out and scrape off all the wet borax. do this a few times untill there is no borax clumping up on the skin. I have done this with pheasant rumps from guys that I know that hunt. After all is said and done you should have a clean smell free bird skin. P.S. What fly pattern was this bird for?
  12. #4 popper fist time with an airbrush
  13. Not bad at all google dry fly porportions and there you will find some nice pictures of how long the tail/hackle should be. Here is one of mine. I love catskill style flies. Not the best but maybe they can help you out a bit.
  14. ya i get the same but it still likes it anyway
  15. Ya I try to sub when I can with like materials. That's how new patterns are made these days is taking an old pattern and subing in new or different materials saves your wallet a bit and who knows you might have made a new fly that will catch fish every cast .
  16. You should also consider people that tie for fun or just the art of them it is like the fishing hobbie in of itself. As where Boone needs to fish but we enjoy it. So saving money by tying can happen but not in most cases. People enjoy reloading ammo for the same reason it is a relaxing hobby. I find I get more time to tie then fish. You have to plan a fishing trip and in most cases you need a good half of a day to fish where tying you can sit down for 30 mins. All in all we each have a reason to tie flies and the enjoyment factor is worth more then the money we put into it.
  17. very cool man, very cool..... Thanks one of my go to flies.
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