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  1. Guys sorry I haven't been real active in the thread. I have been super busy and this is the first time my flies will be late. They will be in the mail tomorrow with priority shipping.
  2. I fish from my paddleboard for everything from bluegill to musky and some saltwater when I can make the trips but I do the standard one handed casting and it is a blast. My board is too short, 10', and turns on a dime compared to a longer board and would not work for spey casting, as pulling the anchor off the water would turn the board and take away from the efficiency of the cast. That being said you can paddle to where you need to cast and make a shorter single hand cast.
  3. I picked up the xiaomi yi 2 4k action cam and with a water proof case and sd card you are looking at $300. Takes 12mp stills and shoots video in 4k but I use it for 1080p at 120fps
  4. May be true ... but not in my experience. None of the little ones I've picked up ever made the call. Maybe it's the shear density of the 'gator population now days ... but little 'gators quickly become a food source for bigger ones. One of the things "mama" 'gators have to protect against, are other 'gators trying to eat the babies. Big ones coming in response to distress calls could easily be a big one looking for an easy meal. As far as the snakes being dangerous to humans ... too many people see a movie like "Anaconda" and believe it. My favorite BS scene was when the anaconda was in the tree, and snatched the man out of the air as he fell. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha When I saw that ... I still laugh when I think some people believe that !!! The movies like Anaconda and Lake Placid are insanely overdramatized, but I have been tagged by an anaconda out of no where and they are definitely more unpredictable in their ability to strike at random angles compared to burms and retics. I caught a gator in Lauderdale that was about 2' and it started to call and a rather large gator started to make it's way towards us, needless to say the little gator went back quickly and I didn't want anything to do with the 9-10' coming at us
  5. Eastern Fly - Have no idea where a meet could happen, but I fish in from Clarksburg to Morgantown a lot and have a PA license so I am going to start making more trips that way before too long. Hatchet Jack - I am more excited for the pleasure boaters to be off the water more than I am about the fair weather musky guys
  6. Eradicating all the species that could possibly kill humans is pretty ridiculous. Also there isn't such thing as a poisonous snake, it's venomous. Poisonous = you bite it, you die, Venomous = it bites you, you die. As far as anacondas being slower than burms and retics, that is only true in travelling speed on land, but as far as water and striking speed they are just as fast and even more unpredictable. I would rather deal with a gator or croc any day over an anaconda. Noted before a 2' gator is probably not with momma any longer but they will still do a distress call and even though it may not be the original momma, as soon as a large gator hears that they will come in to protect the baby.
  7. I just picked up a 13' gheenoe last night so we will fish a good bit from that platform and was planning on fishing the two flats on the southern end of Pinckney Island and then fishing different flats from the Marshland Public boat ramp. Any particular flat on Pinckney that is better than others?
  8. Well the night time temps have started to drop here in WV and is making me anxious for the fall/winter bite that will ensue. The rivers are starting to drop in temp but I am waiting for the lakes to cool off for those husky lake musky to put on the feed bags. Just wondering who else is excited and might want to have a get together sometime for members in either WV or PA?
  9. I quite often fish for carp with a cabela's cgr 5/6 wt. I use that rod for just about everything and am going to try it on reds on an upcoming trip. But as long as you play the fish and don't try to horse it you will be fine. I landed a 36-38" carp that weighed over 20# in less about 5-6 minutes on 10# tippet.
  10. I have spent a good bit of time on the water but fishing has been tough this year. I have been in a rut since that fish I caught in March. Moved some good fish but none were willing to play.
  11. I absolutely love my mangroves, more than the bvk that I had. I have them in a 9 and 12wt and use them for musky, pike, bass, and whenever else I need to throw big flies. I will be replacing my vapen black 7wt with another mangrove. The mangrove is a lot more durable than the bvk. I broke my 9wt when a marine battery fell on it. Other than that they have held up for 3 seasons and I am rough on gear.
  12. Thanks Poopdeck, I have been to Hilton Head once about 10 years ago and only got to golf and they definitely have nice courses. Since I can bass fish here in WV, I will spend pretty much the entire time fishing the salt but on the fly instead of gear. Should definitely be an interesting trip.
  13. Hello you salty dogs. I am here once again to seek out your wisdom and guidance since it worked fairly well when I was in Destin, FL. Given the advice I was able to catch some ladyfish and got bit off by a barracuda and young shark off the beach. Oddly enough I caught a 30" spotted gar with my bare hands as it was swimming up the coast. I am now looking for some areas and flies to use at Hilton Head for anything that swims, reds, jacks, trout, tarpon, and most definitely SHARKS. I will be going with a buddy towards the end of September and will have a paddle board to have a little more access than just wading. All help will be appreciated,
  14. Everyone had great looking flies. I just need to be able to find some clean water to swim them and see how they act on a float, intermediate, and full sink line. But Mike I bowed my fish since without it, I wouldn't be able to fish for them, #heroshot. It is a pose of respect for the big fish
  15. Made it out on the water and had a few flies I had to test of my own first before I tried those from the swam but managed this fish on one of my flies. She was 38" long and quite girthy and was caught on the fly posted
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