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  1. Vicrider, thank you for hosting such an outstanding swap! Netabrookie, thank you for the wonderful box of flies, I can't wait to fish them in the Spring!
  2. Can you please send me the address? My spiders will be done tonight
  3. I'd like to join the swap if there is still room.
  4. I received mine yesterday, really great looking stuff!
  5. My sinker pattern will be an Emerald Streamer, and my floater will be Green Grasshopper.
  6. I'm in. I'll let you know what patterns I'm doing soon.
  7. Hey David, thanks for the heads up! I bought a bunch of barbless hooks about two weeks ago and have been tying with only those. They have their own box so I don't get confused with them. I don't like fines of any sort, and enjoy fishing within the regulations.
  8. Vicrider, thanks for the story and fishing technique. Just got off the vise with a half dozen big streamers weighted as much as I could manage. I'll be bringing the split shot with me as well. I sincerely hope a half days fishing doesn't blow by as fast as I think it will.
  9. Thanks troutguy, I've been tying just about everything I can think of. I'm working with all barbless hooks just because I didn't want to mess around with mashing the barb and not getting it just right. The lady I spoke to said the game warden used a cotton shirt and if it snags you're hosed. FlickNDip, thanks for the heads up. I called this morning and they said they will have the final word on it on Monday or Tuesday. I have a morning slot on Wednesday and they said since there have been cooler evenings (last night) and maybe tonight, that odds are the morning slot will stay open and they will close the afternoon.
  10. Thanks for sharing that article vicrider. Troutguy, thanks for the advice. I'll bring some big weighted streamers and some split shot for that part of the stream if I make it there. I've heard there are four different sections and they limit which anglers go to any of the given sections.
  11. I've reserved a spot for myself and a friend to go fishing at Dukes Creek in early August and I will be tying flies for both of us to use while we are on the water. My friend doesn't have any trout flies so I intend to tie everything he will need for the day. I know about a lot of the popular trout flies and have tied many, but I am trying to gather comprehensive list of both wet and dry flies to take with me. All of your suggestions are welcome, I will probably be tying up 4-6 of anything that is suggested. I'm not necessarily looking for anything "Dukes' Specific" because it is just trout fishing after all, but more along the lines of what your favorite brown and rainbow flies are. Nymphs, streamers, classic dries, weird attractors, interesting wet flies to consider?
  12. Some game wardens will run a piece of tippet across a mashed barb to check and see if it has been flattened completely.
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