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  1. This thread is going to absolutely Explode, but I figured I would throw in my 2 cents. I bought the Apex from Wolff Indiana (http://flyfishingvises.com/apex-vise/) Lifetime Warranty, and comes with both the clamp and pedestal bases. It is decent, the head is a little to get used too, but I now find myself liking it more and more. Repetition will do that I guess. The other vise I had that I liked a lot was the Dyna King Kingfisher. Rock solid. Anyhow good luck! I tend to like smaller vises that I can throw in my mobile kit for tying stream side.
  2. The Material Is all good! WOOT! It was all still sealed and this kit was literally brand new in an opened Box. The rods, One is a Montegue and the other is a crazy Fly Fishing, Spinning Rod Combo. I will throw some line on them and see how they perform. My middle son has claimed them already...LOL.
  3. So the youngest has been asking for a beater Mountain Bike, and low and behold I found one on the local CL tonight. Went to pick it up and the guy ended up being one of those that buy entire estates. Well, the wife ran to the bank and the boy and I rummaged around with the guy in his "warehouse" of goodies. Ended up picking up a complete Orvis Fly tying kit for $40, and 2 Bamboo Fly Rods. The hackles included were well worth the price, and some additional tools, materials, threads and hooks are always nice! I was more excited about the Kit than the rods, but anyhow just goes to show, you never know what your gonna find! Off to the bench to organize these new goodies..... and then research the rods.
  4. It's the most Wonderful Time of the year! Nice looking flies!
  5. Actually I fish the freestones and tribs to the big lakes mostly. I have fished those snobby trout in the driftless (fun, but dam selective they are), but give me a small ferocious Native Brookie way up north any day of the week! LOL! Skykomish works pretty good on our lake run here, as does that goofy Purple Prince in the winter. I told my boys about those Coasters that run out of lake superior, and I am pretty certain I have them convinced we need to do that! That's a beautiful area up there!!!!!!!!
  6. If you will take a newer member, I would be in, Skykomish Sunrise or a midwest favorite, large Purple Prince Nymph....hell, maybe both?
  7. Please keep us posted on her response! I wondered the same thing, never thought of asking her......
  8. These are Awesome! Thanks!
  9. We had a similar experience this weekend, and found the size range of the stonefly nympths we were finding to vary a great deal. I never really fished them much, but after this weekend I found myself thinking "Why wouldn't a trout eat that Huge bug?" I still prefer drys, but dang, when you start actually digging around in the water and see whats available to eat, it's pretty obvious the trout indeed have a bunch of food to choose from! Thanks for the insights in ages and sizes to utyer! Also great points on substituting patterns when need be. Great thread!
  10. So with the boys learning to tie and fly fish (FINALLY, WOOT)! They brought up the question of preserving their growing bug collection. I found this link and I must say it works really well! Just an FYI for any other budding entomoligist here! We did it with a couple stone fly nymphs and a dragon fly nympth and it works pretty awesome! Here's the link: Preserving Bugs in Hand Sanitizer: http://thedragonflywoman.com/2011/02/21/hand-sanitizer-preservation/
  11. Holy great ideas Batman! I actually built myself a little tying table and when you can get them, 35 MM Film Canisters are free at most photo places, but getting harder and harder to come by, dam you digital age!!! But the clear ones make a great way to store things like beads, hooks, etc. The best advice is start early, get a system you can grow with, because you will need it! This is my "Mobile Station" the day it was finished, works great when tying multiples of the same pattern. All my other stuff is in those Plastic Three or 5 Drawer Storage bins you can get at any big box store. ‚Äč
  12. I brew! Right now I have a Lambic in Secondary (Need to find some Cherries to add to it, SOON), and a Mead with some local unfiltered (Straight from the hive) in Primary. I did a Lemon Pilsner which was ok, I finally finished it up Friday night. I also did a variation of Surlys Coffee Bender. Just bottled my Marzen after a 3 month lagering in the converted chest freezer. I am all grain now, and honestly, I am a little dissappointed in the Marzen, I should have used about another 5 lbs of Malt, it has a good flavor, but it is a little on the weak side flavor wise.... Anyhow, I brew mostly beers, but did a Blueberry wine kit which turned out great and I want to try a Dandelion Mead next spring. As far as Lagers, with the modified chest freezer, I can Lager year round but find myself drinking more Pilsners, and Saisons lately....winter is coming though so it is time to brew some more darks. Not sure if you have the Book The Brewmasters Bible, but on pages 97-107 there are all the style profiles, and the typical base ingredients and adjuncts if any, for each style. I use those guidelines all the time and create recipes, and the vast majority of the time, they turn out great!
  13. I found bags of various feathers and other materials when I dusted off my old tying stuff too, and wondered what in the hell I was tying with those bags of goodies. The answer is who knows, but that looks like a challenge with those materials....maybe a Turkey Feather Flash Nymph???? Kidding, but your practicing looks awesome! Keep it up, and when you send the wife shopping, have her pick you up a coffee bean grinder, small, cheap, and great for dubbing....
  14. Hey everyone. Was a member many years ago, and then came 3 boys and life! Now they are learning to lash things to hooks and froth up the water as well, so it is a good time to get back in the forums! Looking forward to learning some new things, and joining a few swaps as always! Tight Lines to you all!
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