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  1. Trying out some new frog legs. Swim test looks great! We'll see if the fish agree after work today.
  2. Mine got dropped in the mail this morning.
  3. Got some fresh hooks in the mail from Feather Craft yesterday and three days of heavy rain in the forecast should have these knocked out in no time!
  4. 6wt primary rod with an 8wt always in tow.
  5. Zip, those look good! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone knocks out for this one. Did all my tying prep last night!
  6. I was going to try to take a break from swaps with the weather improving... but this one is too tempting. Count me in!
  7. Great flies everyone! Mike, thanks for hosting! Looking forward to seeing which set arrives in my mailbox!
  8. PM'd ya Mike. I'm all tied up and ready to go.
  9. Our "second" long outside observation occurred at the moment of event horizon cross-over. From my limited and possibly wrong understanding, in your scenario when the observed object paused at the event horizon, that was not the time the gravitational waves were recorded but the moment it crossed the actually event horizon. I'm very into this stuff too Mike, every time I re-read something like Stephen Hawking's "Universe in a Nutshell" or "Brief history of Time" I feel like I understand it a little better, but complete understanding is far out of reach for my armchair astronomy.
  10. I've been trying to find a picture, but what you could do is tie a loop of mono off the back of the hook, like what folks tie to keep a tail from fouling, but smaller. Use that mono loop as your attachment point for the dropper. If I find a picture I'll post it. I'm going to give this a try this spring! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Got back in town over the weekend and came home to great selection of jigs. Good swap everyone!
  12. Check out this YouTube series from Gunnar Brammer. He goes way in depth on different streamer design and what actions they impart. Great stuff. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMTqaI4iIj3zD-0-wJTiDNP7fAYCAh-Sw
  13. Great! Thanks for the heads up. Got a start on the flies last night!
  14. Just to be clear, unlike the Christmas swap, you'll get back the box you sent flies in?
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