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  1. Thanks to all. I trimmed the hackles and the fly floats wonderfully. I appreciate the input
  2. I am trying to tie stimulators but the hackles I have have barbs that are far too long. Can I tie with the hackles I have and cut them to proportional size or will that mess up the fly?
  3. The window will help light your tying area
  4. I have ben told that bobwhite quail often functions as a substitute for jungle cock
  5. I agree with mikechell. Throw a comparison for sewing thread in there for us economical tyers.
  6. Thanks guys. Most of the stuff I've seen have to do with soft hackling but I'll be sure to experiment
  7. As a quail hunter, I frequently harvest and bring home bobwhite quail that I know I can use to tie many of the flies I already tie with store-bought materials. What fly patterns could I tie with the feathers found on a bobwhite quail?
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