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  1. Ok sounds like everyone os in agreement. Ill leave them whole. Thanks
  2. I was wondering if most store hares mask and ears whole and trim it as you use it or do you shave it all off and get rid of the hide ? Seems that if you shave off it will take up a lot less space . But wanted others option. Thanks
  3. I just opened mine great looking flies . Thanks to all
  4. Ok thanks for the input . I'll first go to goodwill then in nothing off to Wally World . I have a munch of different squirrel that I want to make usable .
  5. I want to start making some personal blend dubbing and was wondering what grinders people use . I will be buying one but wondering which ones people use and any that I should stay away from . Than you
  6. Count me in . I could use the practice on some dries .
  7. Merry Christmas to all . Thanks for hosting this swap and a big thank you to Smoking guns for the great fly box and the wonderful looking flies. Also to whomever the extras came from. This is my second year being a member of this swap and easily my favorite. If someone can tell me how to post pictures I would be glad too. Thanks again.
  8. Mine arrived today and is under the tree. Cant wait.
  9. Thanks guys I'll order a couple different to try .
  10. I have been tying down to some #18 hooks but want to go down to maybe a #22 or #24. What thread would you recommend for these small flies. Thanks for responding
  11. Mine will be in the mail as soon as the Post office opens its doors. Thanks for hosting
  12. If there's still room and looks there is I'm in . I'll do fresh water flies .Thanks for hosting again .
  13. Received my flies in the mail today and wanted to that flytiere for the great flies. I have been wanting to tie up some of the green ones but didn't have the material. Cant wait to try these out. Also wanted to thank Mike for hosting I'm sure its a lot of work.
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