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  1. I really like the look of the J vise but I was put off by the fact the pedestal Is the large boards. I like a vise that has a normal size base and had the option of a clamp mount.
  2. Yes, a Renzetti Master which I sold to a member here, that was a mistake, I should have kept it! I would like a LAW but the prices are out of my budget The CAE is a great vise but it seems to lack in quality control. I shall keep it, the jaws are great, and put up with the sticky rotary, it’s a shame because the design ir first rate, but of course it’s a close copy of the LAW
  3. I’ve actually written to him few times about a problem with the rotary action of my vise. But I haven’t had a reply. It looks like a manufacturing defect.
  4. I did reply but changed my mind and unsuccessfully tried to delete it. It was going to comment as a guide my first choice would be a Byrds Nest, but then I thought no one would be interested. Sorry if anyone considers this negative. barry
  5. I grabbed a large bag of retriever something mix that is lemon colored from the pet groomers last year, it had already been shampooed. I use it to help make some tups dubbing. I also saved a fleece from one of my mini farm sheep, I don’t know what I’m going to do with that!
  6. I used to tie it in a variety of colours, the fish seemed to like black, white, orange and green ( dark olive) B
  7. These being tied in the U.K. in the seventies, but called The Dog Knobbler I think the pattern was by Trevor Housby.
  8. Mark, you have my sympathies for sure. I am mistaken about CARE , I thought it would do more than give loans. I assumed you were self employed, do they not get paid for lost earning? i wish I could help you and others of course. I would love a new camp knife but on my retirement pension from the U.K. I probably would never be able to afford one of yours. But keep your chin up, I would expect everything to turn out ok in the long run. regards Barry
  9. You should watch the documentary on YouTube about the Spanish Fly that killed at least 100 million and as many a 200 million worldwide. The chief culprit clearly was not a battered immune system but the lack of social distancing. Flu still kills many, but we have vaccines now for that. If everyone observe to recommendations we could keep Covid at bay until either a cure or a vaccine is discovered.
  10. Mark when I was a kid a knife grinder would come down the street and we would take out whatever we needed sharpened. That was seventy years ago. But here in Redding we have a visiting knife sharpener who doesn’t push a handcart but uses a small van to make a living. Mohammad and the mountain? Besides CARES will compensate you for lost business for four months. but let’s get back to fly tying! Barry
  11. Cheap? Why not buy the best? I bet you spend way more on fishing than you ever do on fly tying.
  12. I was the purchaser of one of the eBay auctions. Ive made it workable. The method of tightening the jaws could use a lot of improvement but all in all its not bad. I will use it for flies that could use this type of vise. Cheaply made, but ok.
  13. That was my orginal complaint when I ordered a cree cape for a lot of money. But when I checked with Whiting they said it was one of theirs but didnt specify the quality. I suspect it was a second even though whiting said they didnt sell any. But when I wrote again to whiting they didnt ever reply. I was offered my money back, but since FE seemed to have a history of not refunding I decided to just keep the cape. My couple of orders since have been for low value items.
  14. A couple of years ago I had a complaint about FE. But later I decided to try him again because he appeared to have something no one else had and Ive got to say the transaction went without any complaint, Ive since purchased from him one other time. I didnt risk a large some of money of course out of caution. I would certainly give him the benefit of the doubt. I might add I have absolutely no connection with FE.
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