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  1. I purchased one of these systems and I am delighted with it. I have published one or two photos in threads on this forum Thanks Barry
  2. Very nice, what is the wing? It’s obviously married. Get that knee healed I have plantar fasciitis so I know how it feels to be only able to hobble around. Barry
  3. I ended up buying those nice clear plastic clips from eBay for about $7 including postage. I would like the real thing but to expensive to buy new i was hoping to buy a regular set for between $40 and $60 but no sellers at any price!
  4. I agree and a nice vise also Barry
  5. Nicely tied , if you used a vintage black hook it would be right up there with the masters.
  6. my version of a Spey Polar Shrimp Barry
  7. What’s nice about polar bear is it’s very tough, floats well and i believe it to Fluoresce B
  8. I didn’t know they have had a problem. I actually have quite a few Dai-Riki hooks and love them. Very strong in both nymph and dry hooks and very sharp, not brittle and doesn’t bend easily. Yes there are plenty of others but Dai-Riki will be missed by me. Barry
  9. The most fragile i tie with are the underwing from Blackbirds, Starling, Golden Plover and similar for tying soft hackle flies and not in tiny sizes either. Barry
  10. My best “bench” is a old plank supported by a couple of logs by my local river! I won’t post a picture as it’s very quiet and peaceful and someone might share its location on social media! Baz
  11. Safety is always a very major factor when home building a project like this. Nether the less is a excellent idea. I purchased a really nice dimable led desk light from Costco three or four years ago. It also has Bluetooth speakers in it I also have a dimmable Ottlite which is not led I notice in the replies some where from the UK and some from the USA. The outlet voltage in the UK can be as high as 240 volts, that can definitely kill, whereas the outlet voltage in the USA is 115 volts, that can give you a good shock, but far less likely to be fatal. But even so be very careful particularly when messing with two outlets as depicted in the OP as you can easily end up with two feeds that can be 220+ volts. It is also a very good idea to make sure that a GFI outlet is used, not only might that stop you from being put in a pine box but from burning the house down and incurring the wife’s wroth, far worst than death!
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