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  1. I’m in, saltwater and maybe one other set if I have time
  2. Hey Vic got mine as well. Thanks stabgnid looking forward to opening them
  3. Ya that red chased the Kwan down. It was a pretty cool eat. I think last secret Santa swap we just traded boxes so I was wondering if youve had the chance to see what the Australian fish think about any of mine?
  4. Hey Vic, I got shipped out of town for work last minute but I should be back in town Saturday and will get them in the mail. Sorry for the delay.
  5. In for a saltwater set and maybe a smoky mountain trout box if I have time
  6. Leaving for a trip the smokies next week so looking forward to tossing a couple of the hoppers
  7. Hey Nick, just a heads up but it looks like you skipped woodenlegs and Mikemac on the first page.
  8. Caught some on lil Daves Christmas flies. The kwan and one of the little ones produced for me. Thanks again!
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