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  1. How about the rest of his kids, are they good people too? First: His other child wasn't there.Second: Probably not. I, generally, can't stand kids. Bo's oldest is more adult, so he's okay. Mark , my little one is just plain wild , I could never bring him around Mike . Glad we got to see Mike Chell , hope we get to fish together this summer . If not I will be in Orlando in the next 2 years for sure .
  2. Denduke , really like that rig .
  3. Tying some minnows using BGD-Clyde from FTD.
  4. Thank you , yes . Also coated the bottom for the rough sand .
  5. Mike , I'm going Saturday at 9 am . My eldest son has never been so I'm taking him .
  6. The Virginia fly fishing festival is this weekend in Richmond , VA . http://www.vaflyfishingfestival.com
  7. I really like that idea . Nice rigs.
  8. Welcome to the site .
  9. Mine arrived . Thank you atxdiscgolfer for hosting and thank you everyone . Looking forward to using them .
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