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  1. The parachutes opened and the flies safely landed today. Thanks everyone.
  2. Yes, Newport NH. That must be them. Thanks.
  3. My flies were mailed on the 27th and should have been there on the 1st.
  4. Flies are in the mail. Tracking number: 9500 1155 9402 0118 2020 38 ETA: 5/1
  5. I think I will sit this one out. I don't jig but I do reel occasionally.
  6. Royal Trudes are in the mail. ETA 3/30 Tracking number 9500 1155 9402 0087 1958 05 I have started on BWO parachutes.
  7. Got mine today. Bass, pickerel, and panfish will be in trouble.
  8. Aligning the tips with calf tail(kips tail) is difficult because the hair is kinky. This works for me: 1. grasp a clump of hair by the tips and putt it at a right angle to the tail and cut right next to the tail 2. still holding the hair by the tips brush out the short underfur.\ 3. still holding the hair by the tips pull out all of the short hair. do not discard the short hair 4. take the stack of longer hair and the stack of short hair and bring them together with all of the tips aligned 5. repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have a good looking stack
  9. Are you using "Catskill" and "classic" as synonyms? Is a hair wing dry fly or a Wulff pattern "classic?/"
  10. Snowshoe Hare Emergers should be sighted in SC on March 2. Tracking number is 9500 1155 9401 0058 2402 90
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