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  1. niveker, The dubbing is from my company, it is 100% Alpaca, and I do all of the dying. It has taken a couple of years to get the formulas correct. edited by flytire (moderator) commercial websites to my knowledge have not been allowed in the past If you want to sell your dubbing, please wait until you have the required number of postings to sell on this forum and then post in the classified section of the forum classified rules Complete New Rules for Classified - Classifieds - Fly Tying (flytyingforum.com)
  2. Some of my dubbing. Black is the hardest of all the colors to get right.
  3. Just my two cents, but the best dye for protein fibers (animal fur and feathers) is either Veniard dyes (specially blended for tying materials and no mixing to get the right color) or Dharma Acid dye. make sure you get the wool clean and natural oils are off (synthropol or dawn). Acid dye requires heat and a fixative such as citric acid or vinegar. You’ll find both easily in the grocery store. Citric acid doesn’t leave a smell. You only need a small amount of the dye pigment to get your desired color. If you want bright colors (hot orange or chartreuse) you need higher heat. Not that Koolaid or Rit are bad dye mediums, my experience has been they bleed out their color when fished. Especially blues and reds. feel free to contact me if you want to get in depth. Semper Fidelis Jim
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to this site, but was wondering if it is too late to get in on the challenge? Semper Fidelis Jim
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