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  1. i have one as well given to me by a friend of my dads.had alot of silk type thread. i wished it had dodo bird feathers
  2. every picture tells a story a picture of that popper should be framed good for you
  3. thanks for posting that video never knew they were made that way. when looking up the floating jigs i seen that they are made with 1/0, 4 and 6 size hooks
  4. another alternative is to add material to a phelps floating jig. nice wide gap short hook,. just add tail and you can pull legs thru or just ti e them on using the same color thread that works for smallies too rob rich mc
  5. are they sport fans use colors of their favorite team or fav college colors
  6. dont know if it will help with your glue but i use liquid fusion and i store the bottle upside down [point down] and it helps alot
  7. hollywood here i come
  8. richmce

    My new shop

    happy b day mike. now explain to me how a tyer that only ties a few patterns needs a room that big! i need a room that size just for my yarn and satin
  9. sure looks like a simple tie. and plenty of hook gap now i may go back to walmart as they had flip flops for cheap
  10. in the midwest we were told by the biologist do NOT release them back. is that the case down south
  11. i grew up with old style and strohs but some of my preferred tastes are leinekugel original, guiness and shiner bock. i like maltier beers and drink them slow
  12. around the early nineties fishing facts writer rich zaleski started making a flat style jig to be used pulling across weeds and lily pads nice jigs
  13. without a doubt those will catch fish but il stick to mop bodies. havnt tried them on a scud hook but you gave me the idea. i also have some shiny bodies from a bath matt and being thinner it should fit the smaller scud hook
  14. rob the keel type hook helps. i dont tie weedguards but prefer to tie on wide gap worm hooks and let the material do the work.also closer type flieson a 60 degreehook like the ec410.
  15. is the sheath made of rattlesnake. very stunning
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