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  1. i lost a pair of cheap reading glasses at some private ponds, so thats my excuse to work off some turkey later this afternoon. if i dont find them i still win
  2. looks like they came on your panfish attractor fly.nice work
  3. the squirrel patterns used for trout have worked thru the ice for perch at shabbona pink and green at early ice and darker colors dropped of a spoon when they go deep. also go bigger 10 and 8 or you will be using pliers to dig out the hook each fish
  4. denduke . ive heard woke generation many times in the last few days what is woke?
  5. baitfish emulator flash is more durable than the purple taco flash
  6. richmce


    i know quite a few walleye anglers that airbrush their lures mostly flicker shads.and had afriend that moved to fl that got paid good money to custom paint crankbaits for tourney anglers. p personally would like to see an architectural drawing of a bass bug.
  7. finished mine yesterday night . planned to mail wednesday but will have to wait till thursday. happy veterans day to the veterans thank you
  8. is that an ordinary water snake?
  9. mike, ive seen your travel kit when we tied at a mcdonalds a few years ago. you just need a carry on bag for all the material i gave you
  10. richmce

    Pre rig stowe

    i would grab a foam pool noodle . walleye spinner rigs were used with it . wrap the rigs around it . then put the foot long noodle in ZIP BAGGIE OR shoe box type container . for wading use a small chunk with 3 pre done rigs in a small baggie then use extra foam for tying flies
  11. richmce

    Weekend goals??

    church at 8,breakfast with wife at9 30.take tackle out of boat and put in van, meet4 guys to fish some private ponds at 11.wife is going to a stampin up party so i have no time limit to fish. light winds forecast and no rain till after dark. possible snow monday am
  12. what is an sp minnow? we have hybrid stripers in illinois
  13. deer hair bass bugs, i used buggle bugs, gurglers and sneaky petes but never caught a bass on deer hair bugs thats poppers or dahlberg divers
  14. years ago i made a list of weights with my friend who had a reloading scale. mostly interested in equalizing how long a piece of .030leadwire = a large dumbell eye. or how long a piece to=a 1/32jighead i posted the list on a few websites and never had a comment. this must have been 12 yyrsago dont have the list anymore
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