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  1. someone toilet papered my neighbors house ...now his appraised value went up. yuk yuk
  2. i wore my buff and had latex gloves on as i helped direct traffic and hand out palms in the street by our church. drive up service.glad to see most older parishoners wore masks in their cars. the police stopped another larger church from doing the same.
  3. maybe now she will share her nail polish with you . good for both of you
  4. havnt see cork like that since my early ice fishing days. my friends dad would make a cut lengthwise ,half way thru and you would put the line in the slot. if your bait was very light you could chip off a chunk with your fingernail. thus a perfectly balanced float.
  5. took a casting lesson at the sanibel orvis shopback in the ninetys. purchased 5 flies and went to the causeway . my dad caught 4 spanish mackeral on shrimp. and i lost all my flies since i didnt have a steel leader . but that was fun
  6. almost pulled the plug on a tenkara streamsideleaders .com was next to me at a show last fall.
  7. black n orange is a spring musky color to use locally in illinois
  8. ive always had an issue with the senior citizen discount. some are at 60 yrs ,some 65. being involved in many clubs i know that seniors fish alot and put a big impact on our fisheries. i dont think the majority would be hurt by paying full price till they were 70. im almost 63 and still feel that way.
  9. the ones ive seen on the u tubes were like the 2nd group even more sparse sure they will all catch
  10. i have seen several rigs with up to 3 flies on a leader. i will settle on one leader bout 3ft from the 3 way swivel and another a foot or two above it that will be 5ft back. that one will be on a small swivel or loop knot on the main line.i also tied some flies bucktail over satin and all satin.the fish will have to let me know what they like
  11. i thought the main aspect of a one fly contest was multiple aspects that could be removed from the fly usinga full fly in the am, remove some legs as the day get brighter, remove some foam so it sinks at mid day then trim it short for a hatch in the pm sort of a one fly covers all
  12. guess its about 15 for ill residents extra for trout salmon stamp. our gov did raise license plates for my boat trailer from 18 bucks to 118. please dont let him know about the 2nd rod sticker.
  13. we have a small park district lake in rochelle il. its 80 acres i plan to troll the bucktails while i explore the depths and make a map. once an area is found i can cast away.
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