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  1. it also throws you off when they use their full name ,not the ftf member name.
  2. flies being mailed out tuesday am. i was rechecking them waiting for one and found one went inside another tied an extra worm for each .ALL THE FLIES WILL CATCH FISH .
  3. i have a few from my grandfathers basement possibly 40 years old. used one as a cash box at a fly show, others i put thread into until i got a spool holder for the wall.
  4. nice batch of egg sucking buggers came today.
  5. mkaresio how are your doing
  6. most are here i set the FLIES IN THE MAIL DATE for monday the 22nd
  7. similar to the first fly .i use phelps floating jigheads then add tail material. i should add his book to the wish list
  8. greg, what part of illinois are you at? im out by shabbona. also check out the illinoissmallmouthalliance.com
  9. robow, not shabbona too much structure to hang up on. i was just curious on the size
  10. been fishing them for panfish for years and the blue color has been the best
  11. great darrell, what colordid you do
  12. there are several brands of scrub type yarns . other brands are stiffer and mor e like estaz made for creating scrub pads for dishes
  13. in northern illinois its been real coldall week and this week too. minus or single digit at night. i will embrace it only because we have 10 5 x5 ft fish cribs made over the last two years they wernt able to be placed due to unsafe ice. shabbona lake had 7 inches last weekend and we need a minimum of 12 inches to have the tractor place them. once they are placed spring can start right away. things are looking good now for that
  14. i enjoy the variations of the big buggers . two sets came from chubert today his black bugger is swesome
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