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  1. Thank you! It rides sideways in the water presenting a single wing profile to the fish. If you get a chance take a look at Kelly Galloup's book Cripples and Spinners, he talks about the idea behind this one cam e from his observation that most spinners and cripples float in a way that the wings are together and the fly rides on its side. Thank you Scott. I have fished this curved profile quite a lot this year from Hexes to Tricos and I can't say I have noticed any twisting of tippet or leader. I "Michiganized" this version with the deer hair body. Kelly's are often dubbed or biot bodies. This deer hair body for an Isonychia is really a great match though in my opinion.
  2. Still getting some Isonychias out here in CT. Galloup's curved hook cripple is the foundation on this one.
  3. Jack Dennis and Kelly Galloup for me. There are some pretty amazing fly tiers out there online these days that I learn an awful lot from, but Jack and Kelly have had the most influence on my tying style and personal approach to the game.
  4. Yes, I know the feeling...I caved and own both... 😬 They are both excellent! Enjoy the Master!
  5. I’ve tied on most hook sizes between 2/0 streamer hooks to #24 dry fly hooks. Solid holding power with all hooks I’ve used with it. It’s a very versatile vise in my opinion.
  6. I have been using my TRV for about a year now and have really enjoyed using it. Funny enough though I have never found myself using the rotary feature. Not that it doesn't perform well, I just prefer the rotary feature on the Renzetti. The TRV is beautiful and performs beautifully.
  7. Cool idea to use multiple materials in the dubbing loop! Nice work!
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