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  1. Nice adaptation! That will fish!
  2. Nice work! I've been fiddling around with this pattern myself. No one make a better tying video than Charlie Craven. It is an excellent fishing fly in addition to being a good looking fly.
  3. Thanks for posting this image George! Now I get it! I guess I just demonstrated my woeful ignorance of all thing classic salmon fly! I wonder if the difference is the cam lever on the Renzetti vs. the hand screw on the TRV…
  4. Does this mean that the grooves meant to stabilize larger hooks are just milled too deeply on the models they have?
  5. Thanks! These do seem to hatch like that, one here, one there but rarely a prolific hatch, at least on the Farmington. I tie a soft hackle emerger that I have had some good luck with, however, I like to fish BIG Isonychia dun patterns most. I view them more as terrestrials than traditional mayflies, a good size Iso, will often be so tempting that a trout will break it's normal feeding to come up and grab one when it floats by. Thanks! Best, Nathan
  6. Funny how you can feel these things creeping up on you huh?!
  7. I didn't have an opportunity to see it before buying it. I know the guys at Fly Fish Food and based on their recommendation decided to purchase it. My Talon is numbered as #051... It's hard to imagine with that limited quantity and high cost there are very many on display anywhere in the world unfortunately. Regarding the base on the HMH; the base is a Renzetti Lunker/Streamer base, I like this base more than the bronze base that I purchased with the TRV. Regarding the length of the stem; I found the stock stem too short as well. Jon made up another one an inch taller for me.
  8. Isonychia bicolor This impressive mayfly is hatching on my home waters now. They are such fun to imitate and to fish! They are big (Size 10-12), and you can prospect with them in the faster, skinnier water while you wait for the sulfurs to make an appearance or not! I find fishing them a lot like fishing terrestrials, no hatch is necessary to bring the fish up to them. Often some pretty nice fish come up to eat them too! Materials List Hook: TMC 200 R Thread: 12/0 Semperfli Nano in brown Tail: Light ginger Coq de Leon Abdomen: Deer body hair (chocolate and gray mix) Thorax: My own rabbit dubbing mix Hackle: Golden Badger Wing: Mix of gray and dark brown calf body hair. Front legs: Brown/black MFC micro fibett.
  9. You're welcome! The TRV is an excellent choice. Based on the other thread perhaps the TRV has a new jaw assembly... I did not care for the original finish (Thick, and black) that it came with so I beautified mine by removing the black coating and then blued it with a rifle blueing chemical. In my opinion it improved the appearance tremendously. It did nothing to improve the function however, which was already flawless.
  10. 4/0 Haha! Funny question! No idea actually! I enjoy tying on both of them. They both perform their tasks Faultlessly... I like the heft and jaws of the Talon and the fit and finish of the TRV.... Is that enough of a deflection for you?!?! I don't think you could go wrong choosing either vise. Best, Nathan
  11. Here are a few comparison shots of the HMH TRV and the Talon as well as some of my thoughts pertaining to the two. Although both vises are advertised as rotary, I would never choose either of them as vise I would used if I really want to employ the rotary function (I prefer Renzetti for my rotary tying needs). The HMH rotary knob allows for a much smoother rotary function as you can control it with your palm. While the Talon is best rotated with your index finger but doesn't rotate as smoothly as the TRV.. If you are looking for the closest thing to the LAW, the Talon is REALLY close in design and function, while the TRV more pays homage to the design. I really like the jaws of the Talon but the fit and finish award goes to the TRV. And when I say the Talon is really close to the LAW, this is based on what I remember from a single encounter I had with a LAW vise many years ago... Anyway, I thought these images may be helpful for comparison sake. Both vises hold all sizes of hooks that I tie with, without compromise. Size comparison: The shaft of the Talon comes with an extender but the diameter of the shaft on the Talon is larger than the standard that all other vises I have ever had use. So the things that you might add to the shaft don't work unless the are adjustable. Heads side by side (Note: I removed the black coating that came on my HMH and refinished it with Brownell's Oxpho-Blue Creme) HMH with TMC 101 size 24 Talon with TMC 101 size 24 Both have grooves for securely holding large hooks. Pictured here is a 2/0 hook.
  12. I do not have a LAW. But I have played around with one. I think the Talon is a closer replica of it than is the TRV. I have a real problem when it comes to vises! Vises are my vice! I still have both the TRV and the Talon. I am traveling the next couple of weeks, but I'd be happy to photograph the TRV and Talon side by side when I get home.
  13. I have had a Talon for a couple of months. It is an excellent vise in every respect. Very similar to my HMH TRV. The HMH is prettier in my opinion. Both perform beautifully. The Talon is available direct from the manufacturer in Scotland at the moment.
  14. Thanks @Mark Knapp! Thanks @niveker! I have made plans multiple times to make it up to the Swift but things haven't come together successfully yet... truthfully it's just hard to drive past the Farmington! . Hopefully I can make it up to the Swift soon!
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