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  1. I'll second Moshup. That is an excellent Stimulator!
  2. Not sure what to call this one. It is based on the beaded gold ribbed Hare's Ear. Hook: size 12 nymph Bead: 1/8 gold bead Tail: Golden Fox guard hairs Abdomen: Golden Fox underfur Rib: gold wire Thorax: Golden Fox underfur Wingcase: Hen Pheasant tail
  3. Thet are in the same family as crows.
  4. @RickZieger The middle one is a great take on the Royal Coachman and Prince Nymph. @Moshup That American Flymph looks great!
  5. For those so inclined. The first is run by J Stockard The second is on Instagram
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