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  1. Haven't had a lot of time to tie lately...
  2. Green and Orange Deer Hair Caddis
  3. Ken Howell's Trip Saver H Hook: #14 Nymph Bead: 7/64 Black Antenna/Tail: Fine Brown Rubber Legs Ribbing: Pearl Tinsel Abdomen: Whitlock SLF Red Squirrel Nymph Thorax Hackle: Hungarian Partridge Collar: Dun Ice Dub
  4. First attempt at Platte River Spider
  5. Excellent! I like the Mosquito Larva too.
  6. Dooley Mayfly Variation Hook: #14 Dry fly Tail: Muskrat (original called for brown squirrel) Body: Rust Snowshoe Rabbit Wing: Rust Snowshoe Rabbit
  7. Self-control? When it comes to fly tying materials? That is crazy talk!
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