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  1. Copper Olive Tabou Caddis Emerger view from side and from above
  2. I was bored and sat down at the bench with no particular fly in mind. This is what I came up with: Hook: size 12 emerger/scud Tail: Hungarian Partridge Abdomen: Cinnamon Caddis Superfine Wing: Rusty Spinner CDC (2 feathers) Hackle: Pheasant (Almond Hearts)
  3. Rat Faced McDougall side and front views.
  4. They both look good. I think I like the calftail better. I may have a go at tying it. Edited to fix typo
  5. Some flies I haven't tied in awhile. Woolly bugger, Black Pheasant Tail Nymph, and Fl. Yellow Joe's Hopper
  6. I haven't actually fished it yet. Just tied it yesterday - that was my first attempt at tying a fly in that style. Edited to correct typos
  7. New to the forum. Here are a few flies I have tied recently. Danica Mayfly Nymph, Red Rojo Midge, Yellow Comparadun, Red Dandelion, Copper John
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