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  1. Don Gapen would love these flies.
  2. I thought this would be in "Joke Of The Day". Sorry
  3. Terry - Well done on the HMH TRV purchase. I own 3 vises...They are Renzetti Master, HMH TRV and the Cottarelli T-Rex Kit. Thanks to Mark Knapp my TRV now holds larger hooks than the usual upper limit of 2/0 straight from the factory. When tying 3/0, 4/0 or 5/0 classic salmon flies with protective plastic (.011") bent around the hook his modification was all I needed to make the TRV my go to vise...most of the time. I too suffer from VAD, but have slowed down as I get older. With your Master and TRV you are set for many, many years of tying on the very best. I've attached a photo of my TRV with a 4/0 hook in the jaws with a fly underway. George
  4. AI or not...tie something from the far out 1960's
  5. Stunning Bruce...just stunning !!!!!
  6. You guys are all amazing ❗❗❗
  7. A great classic truly well done Norm πŸ‘
  8. It would seem to be a state secret. Come clean Captain!!!
  9. A friend who happens to live in Russia has sent me some of his stunning and beautiful hooks he creates by hand from time to time. The last package had several 5/0's which I decided to put to use. When I asked Aleksandr what pattern he might like he responded "The Major". Research showed me there are several versions of this fly and so I figured I'd go with the Tolfrey tie from "Jones's Guide To Norway". This was an interesting exercise in tying for me. I rarely tie on hooks this large, and the style of this pattern is way out of my comfort zone to say the least. That being said, I am pretty pleased with the end result. I'll do a little touch up preening before it gets boxed and framed of course. It was great fun tying on one of these beautiful hooks, and there will be more to come.
  10. Simple...but I have no doubt effective.
  11. I stopped cold turkey the first day of spring 2000, and have never looked back. My doctor told me it was the best thing I'd ever done for myself. One thing I do remember...while standing on the first tee at our club one of the guys there was listening to me talk about quitting the cigarettes, and I've never forgotten Tom's words... "You are only between cigarettes and don't forget it". He was so right about that as anyone who has stopped smoking on more than one occasion can attest to.
  12. Love the carving...but that paint job just blows me away. GREAT stuff πŸ‘β—
  13. I feel certain all will turn out well Bruce. The current issues aside...your experience will win out.
  14. After several months away from the vise I finally got around to tying a pattern I've always liked. It is the Pryce-Tannatt version of the Silver Wilkinson. Having been so lazy about tying shows in this fly. It really isn't up to snuff and a bit untidy. That alone should inspire me to get back over the tying desk. The hook is an older hook that is an unknown model from an unknown maker I got from a member of my fly tying club. I liked the design so I went to work.
  15. Norm - You asked about setting pheasant crest toppings and I was doing just that at this time and thought of you. All that is required is prepping the feather for shape and size. One important point...tie in the feather on the bare center quill (rachis) only, never tie down the fibers along the rachis. When you do that they tend to anywhere and everywhere. I've attached a photo of a feather prepped and ready to go. - George
  16. Those shows got old for me. The longish drive wasn't worth it just to socialize a bit then drive home.
  17. I haven't gone in ????? years. Anybody go and what did you think?
  18. Let's be honest Norm. We all have to work on our tying on a regular basis. I know when I take a bit of a hiatus from the tying desk, it shows when I get back to it. That's when I call myself a few choice names for being so lazy and laid back about time over the vise. The old cliché about practice, practice, practice is all too true. 😁😁
  19. Truly astounding work!!! What more can I say?
  20. I checked the site...and found a Sulphur hatch!! Nicely done Arthur.
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