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  1. Raised in central Ohio. Miss pheasant hunting. Trivia- have a photo of a pheasant nesting in my parent's rose garden in PA. Used to see them along the road on the way to work.
  2. Lots of books, videos and Youtube for you to learn. Here are two I like to tie and are simple. The dry fly is called Simple Simon as it's an Adams without wings. The other is a brown hackle peacock. I have used these two all over East Tennessee with success. In fact, I have to tie them on while hiding behind a tree.😁 Brown Hackle peacock- Wet fly hook 12-18 Tail- Red yarn held by black thread. Secure two strands of peacock herl and wrap forward, secure. Two or three wraps brown or ginger hackle. Simple Simon- Dry fly hook 12-16. Tail of any feather you find on the ground secured by tan thread. Body- tan dubbing; use yellow for sulphur hatch around here. Brown hackle of two or three turns and add cement; I use cheap CA glue from $$$ Tree or Harbor Freight.
  3. Welcome back. Many Trout Unlimited chapters offer free casting and tying lessons, www.tu.org, to find one near you. Also, the Fly Fishers International has chapters and a list of certified instructors, https://flyfishersinternational.org/
  4. Found the photo of my setup as descried earlier. Noticed the cloth covers aren't on the shades. Wife made them from some sheer material a bit finer than cheesecloth.
  5. Wife is on a mission to HL. Asked her to look at craft foam colors and thicknesses.
  6. Good! Need to go with the wife and get the 40% off regular price.
  7. Books-A-Million has a book, Digital Photography for Dummies, written just for me. Good info on depth of field, shutter settings and just about anything else you can think of for digital photography. I highly recommend it. My new camera has specific settings to highlight or blur the background.
  8. Hobby Lobby will be on the list this morning. Check their website for colors. Like denduke's idea of layering different colors.
  9. Flytire, excellent photos- crisp colors and great detail. New camera, Canon EOS Rebel T7, and having to learn all over again.
  10. Hobby Lobby or Wally World. Our Michael's store closed about 2 years ago.
  11. Got ahead of myself. Looked at Olympus TG and found different models. Could you be a bit more specific? Specs on some TG models show a macro focus down to 1 cm. That is close.
  12. Curious here. I use the macro setting and stack +4 and +10 diopter lenses on the main lens. The fly has a neutral tan background. Example of a fly is shown. Can't find a photo of my setup in the archives but it's a desk with the cloth background on the desk and the wall, two clamp-on lights from harbor Freight with CFL bulbs and a sheer cloth cover to cut the glare.
  13. Whatever was on sale at the time.
  14. Local news had an item where a guy won $30K in a kayak bass tourney in Chattanooga this past weekend. Got a canoe that hasn't been in the water in five years.
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