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  1. I quit wearing a vest years ago. I have a Camel-pak for it during the summer but the vest got waaay too hot. Bought a Dr. Slick lanyard and extra fly box. Vest is still hanging in the closet. Might give it to my grandson. A friend uses a soft-side cooler slung over his head for flies, tippet, snacks, drinks. Probably didn't cost over ten bucks.
  2. Mailed a lab report to the VA in Murfreesboro, TN. Got it back marked, "Moved." My father had an unusual experience when he lived in Chicago. He bought a shotgun at Sears. Got it home and cleaned it- found dimples where the rib was soldered on. Took it back and got a receipt/tag. They called. He went in and gave the guy the ticket. Brought out a chainsaw. Dad remarked it was a miracle! Guy asked why. Dad said they turned a shotgun into a chainsaw! Point is someone might have kept the rod. The return address might have been a tip as to the contents. A gun dealer said he always hated to ship by any carrier as things came up missing. Federal law requires the package be marked as a firearm. Duh! Hope the rod shows up and soon for fishing season.
  3. The Cortland was in perfect condition- D weight, level which is what they had at the time. Still can't figure out why I tossed it. BTW, got my 6 wt. DT today. Backing, line and put the reel on my bamboo rod. Now all my fly rods have line and a reel! Now all I have to do is decide which one to use.
  4. skeet3t


    Thanks. Never saw or looked for evidence of critters inside the plant. Never thought of it.
  5. skeet3t


    We had a deck garden last year. Tomatoes were great. Squash would get to the size of my index finger and rot. Never could figure out what went wrong.
  6. Sign in gift shop- Dog hair sticks to everything but the dog.
  7. Tennessee record green sunfish is 1 lb., 4 oz. but no length given. Caught in North Cross Creek, where that is, in June, 1981.
  8. That is your usual outstanding work. I look at the cards and they tell me there will be more scratches on the reel seat. Photos of the trip would be appreciated.
  9. Just ordered another spool of Anglatech 6 wt. DT line from Amazon. Got some for my grandson's first combo. Casts great. I had a Cortland 333 D weight (now equal to 7 wt.) level. Tossed it. Duh. It was still in perfect condition for being over 45 years old.
  10. skeet3t

    Fly rods

    My father always said the only dumb question is the one not asked. We learn by asking. If I want to know something...I ask my wife. I have a bamboo rod that is about 54 years old and a fiberglass rod that is about 58 years old. Still fish them. Bamboo was restored from directions and suggestions by Carlin.
  11. Too late for me. Was at a grandson's baseball game several years ago when we mentioned River Monsters. It was a mass reaction of all the people, men and women, who watched the show. When I win the lottery, I'm going to get the complete set of all his shows.
  12. Interesting question. Basically, I tie on hackle and really don't follow guidelines except what might will catch fish. I also trip the bottom so the dry fly will sit flat. Rather have too much than not enough.
  13. Interesting story. Navy veterans have said that JFK should have left the area at full speed to avoid other ships. Their opinion was he should have been court-martialed.
  14. A teacher was always getting on Billy for being late for school each day. "Teacher, Daddy takes me out each morning for a two mile swim in the ocean." "Isn't that a long way to swim for a little boy?" "No, ma'am. The hardest part is getting out of the sack."
  15. Many thanks for the replies. Been away for waaay to long. Have a grandson who will be getting a fly rod outfit for his birthday in a couple of days. Have another grandson who will be on the list soon when he sees what his cousin got. Will go through my materials to see what I have.
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