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  1. I have had and now have stocking foot waders. The leaks I get are around the tape at the boot area. I hang them from the deck rail and put in a gallon of water. Mark the spot, let the boots dry and seal with Aquaseal. About 25 years ago, a freebie magazine that you could get an any tackle shop, etc., had a test of various brands of waders. One brand had such a bad review that they went out of business. Can't remember as it wasn't a company I recognized at that time.
  2. skeet3t


    Hmm. My wife is on her second truck as the first one got totaled by a guy running a light. Why? Sits up above the traffic and surrounded by lots of metal. Besides, it can haul a lot of fishing tackle.
  3. I bought one in 1966 at Big K store in Forest Park, GA. Ten bucks; refinished it several years ago and still fish with it.
  4. My mother had a Maytag wringer washer up until 1955 when we moved off the farm. Got electric washer and gas dryer. The old wringer washers were either electric or run off a small gas engine where folks didn't have electricity.
  5. Looks similar to the old Pflueger reels. Rod? Whatever you want. Like to go to antique shops. I have seen some decent fiberglass and bamboo rods that were made in Japan or somewhere overseas. You know you are getting old when things that were new when you were a kid are in an antique shop!
  6. Woodworking stores as Woodcraft has CA glue in thin, medium and thick formulae. A hardware store or the box stores might have it. I use the thick where I don't want the glue to run while working on a piece.
  7. Welcome! Nothing more satisfying than catching a fish on a fly that you tied the day before. A friend had his vise attached to a board that he laid across the steering wheel of his car. Carried some basic materials and tools to match what was hatching or present at that time.
  8. I frequent a fishing FB page. As for proper fish handling, some people get downright nasty. My approach- "May I suggest...,?" "You might try...."
  9. Knew a fellow who shot a moose and it died in four feet of water. Took ten hours, 4 PM to 2 AM to field dress it and pack it back to camp. Mark, congrats on a nice moose.
  10. Welcome from SE TN. Was in Oregon for the Trout Unlimited annual shindig several years ago. Drove from Portland to Bend. Interesting- Mount Hood pines to the high desert. Took lots of photos and would love to go back to WA and OR.
  11. http://www.bobmclalanstories.com/portfolio-view/crocodiles_of_guadalcanal/ I also saw a YT video of a dog in Florida that tormented a gator (not the university kind). Gator turned, grabbed the dog and slid back into the water. Mike, do you fish with a float or freelining?😊
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