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  1. Not a SW angler but wish you and your clients best of luck. Closest thing we have here is hickory shad but they don't grow real big.
  2. We are fortunate that there is actually no closed season in Tennessee. There are regulations for catch-and-release but nothing closed like other states. I recall when living in Queens, NY that everyone would take off the opening day of trout season and stand shoulder to shoulder around pools.
  3. skeet3t


    Interesting. Knew of a fellow who didn't even have a traffic ticket but the shop had to put his background check through three times before it was approved. BTW, the shop had known him for years. The SCOTUS, July 1968 before the Gun Control of 1968 in December 1968 was passed, determined a person who is guilty of a felony isn't required to register a firearm. This would violate their rights under the Fifth Amendment of self incrimination. No background check is needed to steal firearms.
  4. The Guadalupe is the only trout stream/river in Texas. It is stocked. As mentioned about the pond in Houston might be spring fed, allowing trout to live. The dam is a weir dam that puts oxygen into the water. There is one in Tennessee, downstream from Norris Dam. BTW, I believe there is a Trout Unlimited chapter in Texas.
  5. Took the grandson trout fishing about two weeks ago. No fish. Still a bit cold. He caught a tree that he said weighed "tree" pounds. He is on spring break next week. Got a full schedule- fishing, scouting for turkey, shooting, reloading, tying flies.
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    Graffiti- Give the gift that keeps on giving...a pregnant cat. Bumper sticker- I like cats. They taste like chicken. Comedienne Rita Rudner- Every time I see a cat, I think, "What a waste of fur." I'm not a cat person. Have a relative that had a cat. Most useless critter in Earth. I'm like denduke. We have bird feeders in the front and back. We have taken some great shots through the kitchen window.
  7. Looks like Wally World.
  8. I agree! Best thing is to find a pond with lots of bluegill. Lots of action as long as the worms or crickets last. Believe it or not, our daughter caught her first fish when she was nine months old. We were fishing a farm pond in central KY. My wife was on the dam with Leslie in the stroller. She handed Leslie her Zebco UL spincast rod. Leslie waved it around like she was directing the New York Symphony Orchestra. As she raised the rod, a bluegill hit the worm! Her first!
  9. Went Sunday with my grandson. He is new at FFing and did great casting. Caught two trees which he said weighed "tree pounds."😊 Lost one fly but I told him if he wasn't losing flies, he wasn't fishing. Didn't catch anything due to a front coming in, giving them lockjaw. Will be going back and trying again. So much water, so little time! Going to see about the two of us tying flies over his spring break in two weeks.
  10. Tied this in anticipation of catching a carp on the skinny stick. Had one similar in white but lost it on my first and only carp last summer. I wrap a figure-8 around the eye and secure with a drop of CA glue. Enjoy. Will report back later.
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    What? No speedo? In the 60s today and tomorrow.
  12. Bifocals or the clip-on magnifiers work for me. Getting new glasses next week, should help.
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