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  1. I made at least 5 baskets over the years and none of them ever lasted 2 full seasons without fixing 1 thing or another. I've had my Orvis stripping basket for 20+ years and never had to repair anything. Well worth the cost when you factor in a $10 and sometimes $25 off coupons Orvis usually come out with around some holidays.
  2. Hey Jack, love that hollow fleye!! I tie them the same way using saddle hackles for a tail, it gives it that little extra life.
  3. I've been FF for over 25 years I've made a few different baskets over the span just like those shown in earlier posts but always something would go wrong or had to be fixed. The Marine Goop or glue used would eventually not hold anymore or the 100lb mono needed changing especially if opu fish saltwaters. Also tried the insertable cones but found the fly line would sometimes get caught up in the corner at crucial times. So I ended up buying the Orvis basket many many years ago when it was cheaper than it is now. I also used a $25 off coupon they would usually have at least twice a year. I will say it's worth the money as I still use it today. The Orvis basket will last more than a lifetime.
  4. I have tied my own leaders for many years and have found they are not as good as store bought ones. If I fished a very calm water area I used a store bought instead of a homemade. Then I happened to find this video on Youtube and have used these ever since. These work amazing as you can customize them to your liking for fresh or saltwater fish. By the way Merry Christmas to you all!
  5. That's a terrific idea! If you ever try it with flies let us know how it worked.
  6. I hope everything is OK with you Kirk. Sorry I sounded pushy above.
  7. petegray, the flies you tie are incredible. This 1 is very nice looking but it's naturally barred. Kirk, I have tons of solid color material. I like your idea of using the Copic Air Marker to bring some life to the fly, but if the colors are going to run I will have to pass. So please tell us do the colors run yes or no?
  8. Kirk, that's a great idea!! Have you tried them in water yet? I would like to know if the color runs. I've tried permanent markers but they always seem to run.
  9. I still tie up a few of Bob Popovics silicone type flies but I never liked using silicone as it would usually cloud up pretty badly. Ever since I started to use clear Lexel the flies come out so much better. The flies stay clear and very flexible as long as you apply a thin coat of Sally Hansens H.A.N. after the Lexel has dried.
  10. Have you tried yours out yet? I'm not sure if you are trying to get the same action as the original SST. The whole idea of Dave Seller's SST fly was to give the fly a side to side motion every time you strip in the line. Dave was able to do this by extending weight beyond the hook. While looking at the fly you have tied it does look very nice but it doesn't look like it will give you the same action as the original. The weight on yours needs to be extended beyond the hook.
  11. ^^^Great looking flies!^^^ I usually tie up some of Don Avondolio's eel pattern when fishing nights, works like cotton candy for stripers.
  12. I love that last fly! Got some stripers and giant weakfish that would gobble that up.
  13. I have had that happen many times. Some blitzes lasted a few minutes and others lasting for up to 2-3 hours . This always happens in the fall when you find giant schools of peanut bunker running along the beach. At times you will get either large schools of bluefish or striped bass feeding on them.
  14. Got my great looking gurglers in the mail today! Thanks to you Pat for hosting this wonderful swap.
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