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  1. http://www.google.com/search?client=safari...-8&oe=UTF-8
  2. well if you would kindly send some of that warm weather up here I am sure they will all follow. still too much ice on the river for my friends and family to think about starting to head north. edit: this picture taken 4/2/08
  3. head over to the Casting Clinic at TALKFLYFISHING.COM and look for the posts by SeanJuan
  4. frezzing rain making a nice crust on top of all our snow. what a crappy day, made nice by going out and buying a new rod.
  5. do I actually have to weave, or are bootlaces allowed?
  6. i have never had a need to tie any of the mandatory flies before so i am going to have to do some practicing as well. i already have my tiebreaker picked out though. its an original pattern.
  7. sounds to me like its time to buy another tying desk
  8. you are worse than me...dont you ever sleep? nice mouse
  9. now that is really cool. how wild is it that a guy that guards beach area has "SAND" in his name.
  10. those look really nice. i have not tied or fished a crease fly yet but you have certainly piqued my interest.
  11. i like how you did your weedguard, thanks for the tutorial on that. i am going to use that technique.
  12. come on now. i see room for at least 6 more. get tying :-)
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Twofingerz: PANCAKED FROG
  14. thanks for the compliments guys. Mark, will see you in June. Thanks for the offer. I will be happy to give you a few. Better get a closer look before you deem them Gallery material though I do worry sometimes about my stinger hooks being to light of a wire and possibly straightening one of these days. i havent had it happen yet, but then i havent caught a trophy on one of them yet either. mostly stuff in the 25-28" range. i scanned a quick "exploded" view for you Steve. Fred- yes i am i work at Bonadent. you can google it. been there 10 years
  15. rabbit and deer hair everywhere when i tie...it winds up all over the house. nothing makes me sneeze like rabbit hair though. well except cats.
  16. just a little something i dreamed up. with some added luck i hope to get some pike on this come spring time as this is not yet tested. my tying skills are not where they need to be quite yet but i think this will catch some fish.
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Twofingerz: Rattlin' Rockbass
  18. google making dubbing brush and you will get some videos and some step by steps listed right on the first page here is an example of one someone else will help you with the foam sheets.. i dont do much with those edit ok here is a quick link for a step by step of a bug using foam that may help you out bug fever
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