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  1. Dang Steve! I log in for the first time in more than a year and this is the first post I see!! Its been an awful long time since this all started. I've been spread pretty thin and trying to make it back around to some of my old stomping grounds here after I ran a search online and hit my old contest fly. Hopefully keep in touch.
  2. Very cool, i can honestly say that I would have never remotely tried to do that!
  3. This still the best fly tying spot out there! I don't have as much time to spend here as I used to but I still count on being able to come here, learn a few things and show off a little from time to time. Great job Will and Steve!
  4. Got mine as well. Great batch of flies!
  5. If we end up one short I vote that you keep the extra one for running the swap!
  6. mine are shiiping today. should be there no later than Monday.
  7. ok, so my flies aren't shipping till Friday. As I was putting my hooks on them last night I noticed that I missed a step on one of them and will need to tie another tonight to replace it. I guess I have one more for my box to fish.
  8. Mine should be headed out priority mail tomorrow so you should get them pretty quickly.
  9. Can you shoot me a PM with the address? Should be ready to mail them out by the end of the week.
  10. Congrats!! I remember when mine tied her first,it was so cool.
  11. Well I think I've settled on a guide. I'm going to go with Captain Russ Shirley. Talked to him for about a half hr last night. Personality seemed to click for me and from what I could dig up between talking to him and searching the web he seemed to know his stuff.
  12. Everyone is glad you buy nice hooks I like it! lol I was kind of curious about some of the recent ebay jungle cock I've seen, interesting observations. I've been burning through more of my JC lately since my Intruder tying picked up and have been thinking ahead a little. I've still got 3 fishing grade type capes left but I don't want to let it go too long..
  13. One of the posts mentioned materials being banend in some countries and I hadn't thought of that. Does anyone have a problem with real jungle cock eyes on the flies? I am planning on putting those on mine.
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