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Found 17 results

  1. Greetings from Warren, Michigan. Looking to get back into fly tying, after a flooded basement destroyed my hooks, threads and lots of materials. I've been working in the auto industry for over 26 years, but I spent over 15 years working in retail fishing sales in my earlier years. Any suggestions on hooks, threads and miscellaneous materials will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Author my friend Russian fly fishing man - Valery Radchenko (@spey_oddity) Low water spey-style salmon fly Hook - Partridge Bartleet Traditional #2 Tag&rib - silver tinsel Tail - cock-de-lion Body - black wool Spey hackles - grey heron Throat - teal Wing - mallard duck shoulder Thread - black Danville 70 den. Little Blue Hook - Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey Salmon #5 Tag&rib - golden tinsel Tail - amherst pheasant dyed blue Body - blue wool Spey hackles - grey heron Throat - teal Wing - turkey wing quill Thread - Danville 70 den, white and black for head. Burgundy Hook -Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey Salmon #5 Tag&rib - golden tinsel Tail - golden pheasant Body - green wool Throat - cock Wing - turkey wing quill brown Thread - Danville 70 den, white and black for head. Teal&Black Hook - Partridge Bartleet Traditional #4 Tag&rib - golden tinsel Tail - golden pheasant crest Body - black wool Spey hackles - grey heron Throat - teal Wing - pintail and turkey wing quill dyed black over Thread - Danville 70 den, white and black for head.
  3. This was one of the most fun trips I've had in a long time. Such a wide range of fish species to catch! From Salmon running up stream, to brown and rainbow trout. I got to fish a lake, and also the Dolores river. I also was able to stay in a really nice campground which was very reasonably priced for the accommodations. The cabin was rustic, but nice. Much better than in a tent, and the river was very close (walking distance). Before we got to check into the Dolores river campground http://doloresrivercampground.com we decided to go back to those little lakes where I caught a 27" brown. While we didnt get any really large fish, we did have some great luck fishing for rainbow's. Jeff caught a few on a streamer, I caught a few on a dry fly. So they were ready and willing to take anything we threw at them. After we got back to the campground and grabbed a bite to eat, we decided to hit up the Dolores River. This is the free flowing section of the river that dumps into the McPhee Dam. Its not the tailwater. This stretch of river holds massive amounts of rainbow and brown trout, and I have seen some good sizes pulled out of there. However, during this time of year, the Kokanee salmon start making their way up the river to spawn, and we were in them so thick we could not catch any trout. But they were fun to catch! However we wanted some trout so we decided to make our way up river to find areas without salmon, and hopefully catch some trout. I did get a nice brown the first day. But stay tuned and our 2nd day fishing I was able to pull in some really nice rainbow and brown trout, same with Jeff. We really caught more than our fair share of fish!
  4. pacres

    Suskwa Poacher

    It's been a while since I did any videos, but I'm getting back to it as I get some free time. This pattern is a fly I just finished tying about 100 of and wanted to make sure I had a record of how I was tying it. This one was tied using a leash tied with Tyger wire on the shank. I'm hoping to make a few more videos soon, so if you have any feedback on how I can make them better, let me know.
  5. This is my 3rd try at tying one of those beautiful salmon flies. I am slowly but surely getting the hang of this. Mine is on the left. I ordered the one on the right from ebay for a model.
  6. Hi all Looking to pick a few brains… Trying to tie a Beltra Badger on a #8 B280 - It's an Irish hair wing pattern and it has a yellow cock hackle palmered through the body. My question is: should the body hackle be x1.5 the gape of the hook in the same way as regular wet fly patterns, or should it stay within the gape? This is my first attempts at the type of fly... Darrell
  7. I recently started tying only tube flies ,especially spey flies,but I have a question .If I want to tie shorter flies is there a sub for heron ,I mean heron feathers are pretty long to use on a half inch fly.Any suggestion would be a big help.thank
  8. Tag: UNI-Floss in different colors Body: Black Floss, Lagartun Varnished French Tinsel Wing: Silver Fox A very slim profile on this tube, but it can't all be big-wings and hackle! I started with the red-tag, but I had to tie up some other colors once I started on this pattern.
  9. Posted the orange version the other day, but after testing it out in the water this one is more like a torpedo! Here in different color variations to see how they come together:
  10. #3 on my list of the twelve most important classics. Umpqua Special - Two examples Category: Steelhead Hook: Salar Salmon #3 Thread: Red Tag: Medium silver flat french tinsel Tail: White hackle fibers Tag: Medium silver flat french tinsel Rib: Silver twist Body: Rear 1/3 yellow wool yarn front 2/3 red seal Hackle: Brown with a gadwall flank collar Cheeks: Jungle Cock Wing/Wingcase: Polar bear
  11. Keeping a shrimpy theme and working through the spectrum. #2 on my list of the essential classics is the Polar Shrimp. I caught my first wild Winter steelhead buck with a version of this pattern on Oregon's Sandy River. Category: Steelhead Thread: Fl. Orange Tail: Red hackle fibers Rib: Medium Silver Oval Tinsel Body: Hot orange angora Hackle: Hot orange saddle with orange Guinae collar Wing/Wingcase: White bucktail See pattern details here
  12. I've been away from my fly tying desk the past couple of years and away from the forums. Thats a bad practice that I must alleviate at once, I hope I am forgiven for my neglect. Fly tying is therapy and art and good for your soul, if not a gateway to fly fishing fulfillment. It's good karma to share art. Recently, I have decided to assemble a collection of the twelve most influential and popular steelhead patterns for the West Coast to motivate my fly tying sessions. You can read more about the Essential Twelve Classics on my website. I am sure we all have our own list of what the most influential, classic and essential steelhead fly patterns are, I am sharing my list of what I have collected over my lifetime of fly tying. I am sure you have your list - we all do. #1 on the list is the General Practitioner as developed by Esmond Drury as an Atlantic Salmon Fly. This fly has been popularized by West Coast steelheaders and has undergone many transformations as creative as steelhead fly tiers are. I once tied this fly commercially to be sold in Portland Oregons fly shops. Bill McMillan had commissioned me to tie these on heavy 3/0 salmon irons for use with the dry line technique in vogue before spey rods marched onto the scene back in 1995. I now tie them as close to what I can find are the original dressing as noted by Esmond Drury -- Mainly from memory and mainly by my own fly tying style. I caught my first Pacific Salmon and Steelhead on a 2/0 General Practitioner and thats why it has earned a spot in the Essential twelve. Hook: Partridge Salar #3 Thread: Orange Tag: Medium gold oval french tinsel Tail: Dyed hot orange polar bear with a topping of golden pheasant tippets and golden pheasant flank feather. Tag: Medium gold oval french tinsel Rib: Medium gold oval french tinsel Body: Hot Orange Seal fear tied in two sections. In the middle section a golden pheasant tippet feather and flank feather tied flat on top. Hackle: Orange saddle hackle palmered through both sections. Wing: Golden pheasant tippet feather and flank feather tied flat on top.
  13. I'm looking to get a new 8wt rod/reel for salmon. I want to spend 200$ max. So, i'm looking at the Cabela's RLS+ Fly Combo or the Streamlight Ultra Two-Piece Fly Rod Outfits, 7-9 Wt. at LL Bean. Anyone have ethier and what would you recommend. or does anyone have suggestions for an 8wt rod/reel under 200?
  14. Here is a fry/alevin pattern with some flash that I tied up last night. Great for those high, murky, n dirty waters of march here in the midwest! Nymph it deep or swing it with some 5' T-14 on the switch rod! tight lines! Sorry for large pics! ha
  15. Here is a un-weighted fly on a 1"-5/8" shank with a sz 4 octo stinger. I call this one the 'Winterim Coach' great winter steelhead fly, especially for those rivers where the blues and purples fish well. Marabou, Shlappen, Peacock, all kinds of hairy are in this! tight lines, this coach moves!
  16. I'm very interested to get people's views on this subject as I know they will differ greatly. I salmon fish in NW Scotland where slowly the trend is moving towards catch and release. I fly fish for pike in the winter, which is all catch and release. With flyfishing for pike we are encouraged to use heavier tackle eg an 8wt rod and heavier leader. The theory behind this is you play the fish for less time and when the fish is released it is not totally depleted! Also the intro of barbless hooks (I don't need to explain the benefit in a C&R fishery do I?). So you can probably see where I'm going with this..... Last summer 3 fish were played beautifully and skillfully into the back by members of the party I was with in Scotland. Two of them died from sheer exhaustion of a 30min fight and the other well I hope it's still swimming. My question is at what stage do we start to migrate to heavier tackle and barbless hooks in the quest for preservation of our native stocks? I for one will be fishing this summer with an 8wt, heavier leader and barbless hooks as I endeavor to release all I catch. That said I need to catch the silver king first any fly suggestions please? Edward
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