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Fly Tying
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Troy Bishop

Displaced Cajun looking for fish.

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Hi All,

My name is Troy Bishop. Im 48 and live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I was born in Southern Louisiana and cut my teeth fishing for reds until I moved to Miami in the mid 80s. Lived in Miami over 35 years catching almost every fish I could (a few got away). I got tuned in to fishing everywhere from Govt. Cut to Legoland to Bear Cut to Faka Union. Moved to New Mexico about 8 years ago and am now on the fly full time. I am looking at making "The Portal" (Gunnision/Taylor/Tomichi) my go to fishing area. I have a bit of experience tying flies and making rods. I love finding a new pattern or a not so familiar pattern and working out how to tie it. My favorite moment in the day is that 30 second window right as the sun is moving up on the horizon over a glass-calm body of water.

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14 hours ago, Troy Bishop said:

Hi All

Welcome from MA.  Great post, great contributions to the site so far, hope to see more.  

I lived a few miles NE of Rio Rancho in Santa Fe back in the 90's for a few years, quite the culture shock for an Irish Yankee, but I loved it.  Rode that tramway more times than I like to think about when visitors came.

I was more into skiing than fly fishing at the time, but did do some of the latter, though not enough as I look back. 

Incredibly beautiful country there, would love to get back sometime.

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