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Fly Tying
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letumgo's Lake Erie Shiner

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I had a chance to play around a little more with brushable Clear Coat Goo UV resin and I am liking this stuff. Today I was playing around with a synthetic version of a Thunder Creek Lake Erie Minnow. I like being able to give the head a thin coat, zap it with light to cure it, add the eyes, zap it again, and then one last layer to get the shape of the head, zap it again and it's done. When I use regular epoxy, this same sequence can take hours while I waited for everything to cure properly between steps.





Letumgo's Lake Erie Shiner

Hook - TMC Model 700 / Size 6

Thread - 8/0 UNI-Thread (White)

Tinsel Core - 5 Strands of UV Gray Krystal Flash (Folded over tying thread and tyed in)

Back - Small bundle of Fly Tyer's Dungeon Congo Hair (Minnow Back Blend)

Belly - Small bundle of Fly Tyer's Dungeon Congo Hair (letumgo's Lake Erie Blend)

Eyes - 1/8" Holographic 3D stick on eyes (Gold)

Head - Clear Coat Goo Brushable Cure Resin / cured with UV light

Gills - Drawn on with Red Sharpie Marker


Minnow profile is trimmed after the fly is complete. I find that it is easiest to trim the fly from the back. Long scissors make the job easier and gives better results.

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but after adding all that to the head how does the fly sit in the water.

does it flip on its side or all the way over? will the hook keel it?

plenty of my flies are weighted at the front but i try to make sure they will track straight.

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Hi, do you tie the hair forward of hook eye then pulled back as you would with the buck tail thunder creek?

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