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Clouser Swap

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I just got my order for clouser supplies so I figured it would be a good time for a swap. Any size, any color. As long as it is considered a clouser it is fair game. I am hoping for 12 to join this swap. I will do a due date of June 15th so that will give you over 6 weeks to finish and send them. International swappers are fine!

Swap is Full


1- add147 - Received 6/9

2- mikefurg94 - No Contact

3- professori - Received 5/11

4- eastern fly - Received 5/26

5- Kudu - Received 6/8

6- Jolly Red - Received 5/11

7- Fish For Life - Received 5/12

8- stabgnid - Received 6/6

9- herrickkyle@gmailcom -

10- easternsierraflies - No Contact

11- troutguy - Received 6/13

12- joseph russell - Received 6/16


Thanks for the fast responses! Everyone ties 12 flies please. Please use toe tags and pm me when you are ready for an address.

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Smallmouth bait. Oh yea. I'm in. Would you consider anything tied point up a Clouser style?



If you would consider it a clouser I will not argue smile.png

3 spots left!

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