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  1. Happy Birthday Gary,

    Hope you have a great day.

    Tight Lines,


  2. I'm having real issues with accessing this site. Finally took a stab at it on Safari (I hate it as a browser but I can't connect on Chrome???). I retrieved your address from a previous swap and the Borden's beetle bugs are on their way. Hope everyone is doing well in these unsettled times.
  3. Use white calf body hair instead of calf tail. Much nicer to even up. p.s. I'll be tying up Bob Borden's Beetle Bug. It is one of the best dry fly searching patterns I have ever used and this will give me a chance to not only send some out in a swap, but to replenish my own supply before spring.
  4. Vicente, I know I must seem like a totally ungrateful p***k for not thanking you earlier. I have been unable to sign on to the site since before Christmas for no good reason that I can understand. I even tried to create a new account and it wouldn't even let me do that!! Suffice it to say, I was blown away with this unexpected gift. The heft, the balance and the edge make this a joy to have in my kitchen (I do 90% of the cooking and always appreciate quality tools). I loved the note "The blade is SHARP! Don't be stupid." Loved it so much I took a razor thin slice off my finger tip, while oiling the blade prior to it's maiden voyage. The blade was so sharp there was almost no pain...for a bit. Anyway i want to thank you again for the generosity and Christmas spirit you showed me. I hope all goes well for you this year and the many more to come. prof.
  5. Well I hope you had to change because someone tied up Thunder Creek minnows before you got around to it! LOL
  6. Noah, those McPhails sure look sweet. But.....now I have to change my planned submission. :-(
  7. Mine are done and going in the mail tomorrow.
  8. I'm in. Trout flies, lake and stream fishing representative.
  9. I have no idea where the name Heron comes from. Easy fly to tie 4 materials, hook, thread, Wood Duck Flank, Hen Hackle. Bob, I believe that the original used heron, not hen hackle. Blue heron makes a very supple, flowing hackle but is generally longer than hen hackle. p.s. I m half done my Thunder Creek minnows. I was planning on dong them with polar bear, but when I looked at my stock, I realized that I didn't have any white p.b. hair. So they are done with bucktail.
  10. Count me in. Polar Thunder Creek Minnow.
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