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Fly Tying

February Flies From the Vise

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Looking at last year's successful patterns and trying some variations. Both tied on 5/0 hooks.


attachicon.gif IMG_0314.jpg



Nice ties, but is looks like you stole my coffee mug.

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A pattern on a 5/0 hook I call "The Mike". In a concession to fishability rather than authenticity, the haircut is on the bottom.



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Just Another Nymph

Tarcher Style

Hook - TMC 206BL

Head - Red Tungsten Bead (MFC)

Abdomen - CDL

Tail - Boars Hair

Abdomen Tuft/Thorax - CDC

Legs - Hares Mask Guard Hairs

Wing Case - Mottled Brown (Stalcups Original Medallion Sheeting), UV Knot Sense

This fly doesn't necessarily represent anything. I like to throw
it just above the water line when I see the smallies rooting
around for bugs and crawdads in the rocks before the Sun
has even come up. I'll pull it into the water and just let it sit
for a second before I twitch it.

The takes can be explosive and startling when you are only
15 feet away with a 4 weight in a tube.

The reason for the 4 wt is that I'm not as beat up at the end
of a day. If you do it right and you know how the fish is going
to react you can land her pretty quickly.

You can just imagine that red eye staring you down.



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What are the legs on that great looking frog made from?

Looks like a pencil pillow grip




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