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Fly Tying
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Mark Knapp

Uncle Milty Eggs clusters with Squirmy Wormies.

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Hook- size 4 jig hook. Use the size appropriate for the cluster you want to tie.

Thread- any thicker thread that won't cut through the wormy easily. Match the color of your wormy.

Weight- .020 lead or lead free wire.

Body- Squirmy wormies to match the color of roe you want to imitate.

Milt- white marabou, optional


Wrap thread from bend to bend on the jig hook and finish under the barb of the hook.


Wrap the shank with lead or lead free wire. Adjust the weight according to the depth and speed of the water you want to fish.


Tie down the wire and coat with CA glue for durability. Starting under the barb, loosely tie down one wormie about 1/4 inch from the end with one loop. Snip off the wormie, 1/4 inch from the tie down and tie it down again, next to the previous piece1/4 inch from the end.


Continue around the shank and along the shank of the hook to fill it as completely as possible.....


all the way to the bend under the eye.


After snipping off all the "wild" worms to a more uniform level, work the thread back to the middle of the shank and form a dubbing loop with white marabou or tie in a white marabou feather.


Spin the dubbing loop and wrap the marabou.


Your finished fly should look something like this.

I tried melting the ends of the wormies to round them over but I had bad results.

Here's an alternate method that tied up a little quicker for me.

It uses a straight hook and no wire for weight.


Tie four or five wormies around the hook shank, by one end, close to the bend.


While holding the wormies parallel along the shank, loosely wrap the thread in wide wraps around the worms to the eye of the hook.


Grasp the worms and slide them toward the bend of the hook bunching them up to bend end of the hook. Anchor them there with some wraps around the shank.


Repeat the process with the remaining ends of the worms and finish with marabou.


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You're awesome.  I get frustrated trying to tie one squirm on a hookshank, you've secured a tantalizing amalgam of them in fishable form. 

Good as they look, I still might have to torture myself with the thread method.  

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