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  1. Mike, I'm sure Silver will explain, but trout needn't swim to breathe. As for the bluegills, quite common for offshore gravel pit 'gills to do what the aforementioned trout do at the surface. They'll cruise just under the surface for long runs picking off surface hatches near every evening in warmer seasons. Midges mostly, but anything hatching and rising or landing gets attention. I rarely try to guess direction although sometimes they will swim near enough the surface to leave a pressure bulge. An obnoxious rip of a small popper or splat bugging techniques usually get a quick & curious turnaround take if landing behind them. Not very selective. The double haul and long shooting casts are essential here, I don't mind spending up on lines which behave themselves a bit better for the task. I don't see this behavior much in ponds, but deep/clear gravel pits always seem to have it with the larger bluegills. Rarely crappies (IME) and only the smaller bass do it here, it's mainly a 'gill thing and typically the larger ones.
  2. European (Perca fluviatilis)? I couldn’t tell the difference, but there are a few distinct species despite similar appearance.
  3. knotjoe


    Probably the same dude that sells stuff like this on Ebay... Anybody watch the whole video and get a glimpse of his dwelling? Place is a pit! Not a crime to mop (or scrape?) the floor once or twice a year.😆 For certain, a diet of hotdogs and Oreos can indeed produce a rather full-figured raccoon. Those things are friggin' chunks, man.
  4. First off, my condolences. Beyond that, it is what it is and 50 kinda sucks for many. No matter where on the planet, it seems the happiness curve always has that ironic smile. See below... From what I can tell, this is a real thing with humans in general.
  5. From now on I'm only fishing at night.😧
  6. Well, you were born in ’65 and I’m from ’71…so what do we think?😄 For me, I hold no nostalgia whatsoever for this issue in the era(s) of pre-internet/cellphone life. While there was a sense of mystery and reward when arriving at a far away creek and finding it lovely and fishable, it also had a lot of frustration and disappointment involved when it wasn’t so welcoming. That was more time and gas than I liked burning for nothing, if nothing else the modern approach is considerably more ecologically responsible. Landlines were decently useful for calling folks on creek information, but the description of it’s fishable was often ambiguously broad. Fishable to a guy in a drift boat or long trip canoe can be quite different when compared to fishable regarding reasonable wading cfs and gauge height. Kinda like a few miles up the road anywhere in the rural Midwest, don’t attempt it without at least half a tank in the truck and time to find out otherwise. I’ll confess here to wading in dangerously flooded creeks and rivers only because I had driven so far and built-up the expectation of fishing there that day. Stupid, but was me and probably is. Wouldn’t say USGS services saved my life, but it definitely has made it much safer, more efficient, and probably a bit kinder in the fossil fuel area.
  7. Mostly smaller pond fish, yet quite fun on light flytackle. Some on topwater, most on smaller nymphs, dumbbell jigs, and indy fishing along moss beds. Occasionally worked a silicon worm (the green anemone kind from PetsSmart☺️) and picked up a few on it as well. Curious little crappies as of late, not sure if they are natural Blacknosed or Magnolias. It's a company pond, so they might have gone with the latter for avoiding overpopulation.
  8. I like it and have used the gauges for many years. Bookmarked specific sites on both phone and laptop for easy and immediate info on what the creeks/rivers are like in my roaming area. Of course, after a winter or serious flood the creekbeds change a bit so a a given height and flow rate may mean different things from year to year for wading, but still very useful. Found it useful to take a screenshot and add some notes at the beginning of a season for various crossings and stretches in my locals.
  9. 😧 Dude, what is it with flyboxes this week? Here’s where mine is currently at after today’s excursion. Kicked the heat on for bit to dry the stuff at the floor vent… Was changing flies and forgot to zip the chest pack, box was closed but hit the rocks perfectly and opened the latch. Bounce landed right in the water and fully drenched the contents. No idea how many I lost, but finding out was near impossible in the mossy chuck limestone so I didn’t even bother trying. Panfish stuff is just way too small to retrieve in that environment so chalked ‘em up as losses. Here’s a snap of the more essential items, from there I just play with ideas as they come. I can get by pretty productively on a few basic items so I’ll replace those first in various sizes/weights/colors. Good supply of indys for me, I peg and suspend often over seedbeds. I like to have a few "blanks" in jighead form for squirmees and various silicone anemone worms, sometimes use 'em for chamois strips/leeches as well. Did have a great day whoring out on November ‘gills, crappie, and bass in short sleeves and some topwater, too.
  10. knotjoe

    Weekend goals??

    Trap mole in backyard (got 'em), mow, and lay-out extended wildflower garden space for next season. Flytying? Core some foam with new drill bits I made, perhaps give them a sharpening touch-up on cutting edge. Get around to building new dubbing brush board with some trim pieces I have. They've nice countours/grooves for small fibers as well as large flats for long fibers, I think it'll be just the ticket. Might fish today depending on how much I get done in the earlier part of the day.
  11. None of that was real. Stop eating the Morning Glory seeds.😜
  12. Yeah. I just briefly had a spell where the iPhoneSE worked perfectly well on the nav buttons without the extra menu move. The new SE seems to handle same signal strength much differently than the old iPhone6 or any cell hotspots do. The bar reading looks same, but this new phone/OS definitely prefers a bit more in signal quality. Looks like a combination of both phone & signal now. Thanks for the input and suggestions, guys. It explains what I’m seeing on the various combinations and why the devices may differ on same signal.
  13. Just start a lure thread in The Lodge. Kinda like "non-fly caught" fish. Like this one...http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/85499-no-fly-zone-non-fly-caught-fish-pictures/
  14. Yeah, same here and it's the first thing I did when I bought the new phone just to see if the connection is the difference. It's appears to be the iPhoneSE, the MBP and iPhone6 described in opening post still work without the process described above. Apple phones differ a surprising bit in how they do things. Some of this might be a quirk in the latest Safari and may very well correct itself or be different in the next software update. Now, I do know what niveker speaks of because I have several hotspots (cellular) and some MVNO's do have quirks with them which can alter website appearance and function quite a bit. For awhile, I had to drop MTU on MBP settings from 1500/auto to 1492 or some lower number to even get the connection to work in this part of the country with ST hotspot. With any tech gadgets, I'm always looking for a bag of tricks to deal with whatever strangeness comes up next. And there's always something.🙄
  15. Notorious FTF thread nav buttons work just fine on my 2015 MBP (OS X El Capitan 10.11.6) and 2015 iPhone 6 (12.4.8) with one press taking it to the next page. With my new iPhone SE (13.6.1), no dice. 😖 Here’s what does work and it’s only one extra screen action to get to the next page. It’s similar to the cut/copy/paste press & menu option on text, but when you do it over a “potentially functional” navigation button it gives you different pop-up menu options. See below... This is much easier to do than going back to the topic list and selecting the next page number to read. Also give ability to flip back & forth between pages easily because tabs stay open on iPhone, something we do on occasion when crafting a comment or response. So give it a shot if you are encountering nav button issues, gents. Can’t speak for any other devices or OS capabilities, but I suspect most of them have features of similar nature and may provide a simple workaround. The FTF nav buttons probably work on many if not all systems/devices, just not always on one direct click. We may have to use hover (or click, click&hold, etc) to get a menu pop-up for opening in a new tab depending on device. One caveat is that you will open many extra tabs in the background using this technique, but FTF tabs are rather polite and don’t try to stay live and drain battery like some ad heavy background tabs do elsewhere on the web. One can clear individually with the corner X’s or just hold tab key (lower corner of screen) and clear all at once when done browsing. Test your stuff and report back here to help others if you are inclined, never hurts to list device and current OS while doing so.
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