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  1. No, but at the prices of White River waders I don't think you can really get burned. Was a big fan of Cabela's Guide series in hippers, but they discontinued the line and offer nothing of that quality level anymore. My last pair went about 8 years and many miles. Current replacement I have are by Lacrosse (Big Chief) which were about $150.00. Not bad, but I wouldn't recommend and doubt they'll go as long as the previous Cabela's product. Ankle stability and tread/sole are lousy, too...very soft rubber. Honestly, it seems everyone farmed-out and went crappy on hippers in recent years so I say go low and patch as necessary. Some of the White River stuff looks pretty decent in the hipper market these days, I wear size 14 so my options are limited.
  2. The Googly balls are definitely the toughest of all, I'll join you in wishing they made them in more subtle colors. The package you had with the rabbit, it's the Hareline Dubbin' (original) version and it sucks on durability. Attributes vary a bit by color with them, I chucked all mine and kept the Spirit River. Egg balls? I can see it, but the physical form sure resembles a mulberry or similar snack for a grass carp. Just looks like the perfect kind of offering to plop in the midst of a feeding pod. Soft, too, which is always a plus. Obnoxious as the colors are on Googlys, the bright green has proven to be a killer on muddy water pond 'gills and cloudy day bass. More of a natural tone guy on flies, but the bright greenie wins the argument in some of my waters.
  3. I’ve said this many times over the years, yet to be right when it comes to tying materials. Given what I’ve seen of your work, you’ll find a use and then wish for more.👍 (I’m looking forward to it)
  4. knotjoe


    See, that's what I always thought of with airborne disease. However, the medical/epidemiolgy folk appear to have a different and often vague definition of just what airborne means. Some viruses can carry on particulate and dust, some research says a sneeze and a cough are worlds apart on aerosolization and short range v/s long range suspension. All about droplet size, it appears. I'm guessing "airborne" is going to get a serious increase in media attention for a bit. Probably a bad thing in light of the facemask shortage for the healthcare workers, being in a roomful of coughing/sneezing covid19 patients is a world apart from shopping at Walmart at safe social distances.
  5. You're awesome. I get frustrated trying to tie one squirm on a hookshank, you've secured a tantalizing amalgam of them in fishable form. Good as they look, I still might have to torture myself with the thread method.
  6. I prefer the FeatherCraft as well. Relative size to the typical Googly Ball tentacles, short green & orange are Googly pinch-offs. Personally, I like the FeatherCraft offerings by Spirit River and think they are superior to the original (Caster's Squirmito/Hareline Dubbin') due to form. Hareline's product has a lot of memory and kinks to it, FeaterCraft is perfectly limp and squishy. If allowed, here's a link to a comparison thread I did elsewhere on attributes. Wherever you get it, look for Spirit River brand, they're tougher with better action underwater. https://www.theflyfishingforum.com/forums/warmwater-fly-fishing/584283-squirmy-worm-materials-warmwater-ffers.html
  7. knotjoe


    Suspension, as in aerosol. The research on coronavirus has shown it's possible for various kinds, doesn't appear to be known for certain whether it can suspend long enough to be an infectious issue. Hospital equipment is suspected as a possibility, my concern was in manufacturing where a lot of high pressure air tools are used. The dissipator on the end of an industrial air tool can do amazing things with "cloud formation". Just over-oil a line and you get instant suspension. Here's a few links, unproven, but interesting. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2004973 https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11845-020-02218-2
  8. knotjoe


    Was wondering about this part myself. Mass production driven by panic and haste does not seem conducive to producing a safe and effective vaccine for millions. I'm chronic autoimmune via (possibly) vector born virus like Heartland or something similar from 10 years ago. They tell me "no vaccines", I don't take meds, and never get sick. Social distancing for others sake until mandated otherwise. Guess I'll decline, hopefully non-carrier with antibodies present if tested.
  9. Really like that style and approach. Much as I dig popper making, there's times when it's just nice to sit down and create a bug without all the prep, glueing, and shaping that's required with many bodies. Probably dive more reliably than some of my more involved sculpted heads with a better underbelly profile, too.👍
  10. Indiana is $17.00, trout stamp is $11.00. Got mine at Wally World yesterday just so I wouldn't have to bother with it later, renewal date is fast arriving.
  11. Looks like BBCode is the one for those who use Imgur on occasion and wish for displayed photo w/out link clicking. Little magnifying glass in above menu far right is the "preview" and works for me on (an ancient version of) Safari, at least for checking pic links & function. Edit-forum is nicely functional and non-confusional!
  12. You got it. Came to this way back when StrikeKing came out with the first 3x mooshy-gooshy lures and used it a lot on regular plastisol baits as well. Occasionally for live worm chunks in the past, but it’s main purpose now is to hold the Googly Ball tentacles and Squirmee products on the small fly hooks. I can see how folks get by tying them on, but I’m not a coldwater troutsman and the attack rate of warmwater panfish and chubs always tugs ‘em down too far before long. If you’re asking, you know what I mean…bluegill anglers need to be able to change tails frequently. Precision snipping from gars doesn’t help us there, either.✂️ Easy move if done first before beads and eyes for more working room, the pics explain. Below is just messing with link to see how this forum works with imgur and what to use codewise. 700x563/Imgur/bbcode directlink https://i.imgur.com/RQgIWMe.jpg 700x560/Imgur/bbcode direct link https://i.imgur.com/oroWXoB.jpg 600x488/Imgur/bbcode direct link https://i.imgur.com/INeZLal.jpg imagelink https://imgur.com/INeZLal
  13. Thanks, gents. Now I'll confuse myself with pic attempts and sizing of such. 500x336/choose file method/84kb 600x397/choose file method/105kb 700x394/choose file method/156kb
  14. Noticed the same where I shop, makes me wonder about the choices folks make and how they correlate to outcomes long term in this pandemic. Carts loaded with items I don't consider to be real food or capable of providing sustenance are the most commonly hoarded items. Does make my shopping much easier, albeit a bit more expensive than the average person.
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