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  1. Ah, thank you guys! =) Danica does make sense. And ty for the craddock pattern, you are all great!
  2. Thank you all for the answers, though it seems I should have been clearer. I know quite well what a mayfly (the natural, living critter) is. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what pattern they were talking about, if there was one, because "mayfly" is, well... as has been shown, so non-descriptive when talking about artificial flies as to be nearly meaningless. There are thousands (at least) of patterns to match countless species of naturals which imitate, or can imitate, mayflies, in all sorts of colors, sizes, shapes, and life stages. As they did bother to mention "BWO" by name in their list, I figured that "Mayfly" may not just be a catch-all term for "mayflies" because, why list BWO separate? I thought there could be some heretofore unknown (to me) pattern just named "mayfly".
  3. On Rodtrip.com is a page about fishing the Ambléve in the Ardennes, and in it they mention the following list of patterns: Klinkhammer Deer Hair Sedge BWO Pheasant Tail Shrimp Craddock Czech Nymph GRHE Nymph Mayfly Now... anyone have any idea what they mean by "Mayfly"? Or craddock for that matter? The page, if anyone is interested: http://www.rodtrip.com/2015/02/03/a-fly-fishing-season-on-the-ambleve/
  4. I need to get a new vise sometime. Maybe. I'm still using the same used Thompson Model A i bought for like 10 dollars 7 years ago.... no, there's nothing wrong with it. Maybe. Someday. Maybe.
  5. Thank you so much!! I hope you do make it back. Beautiful country!
  6. I would love the patterns for the Europea series, yes... there is one that I have seen, much like a caddis, but I know nothing of the others!
  7. Thank you for the replies all! My french is awful, but I speak quite good spanish, so I can usually make my way reading french OK. I will look for those titles. I am extremely excited! Where I live now it is an hour to so-so trout water, 3 hours to A+ water. It will be, oh, an hour or so to the Ardennes....!
  8. I never thought about winding with the adhesive side out... what a great idea for quill bodies and fragile things!
  9. I tend to do at least half a dozen, though I may do different sizes and color variations and do only a couple of each once in a while.
  10. Hello folks. So, upon examination, looks like my new fishing locale will be... Belgium, with possible forays into Germany and/or France. Well. Being from the NE United States, I have no idea what sort of flies/methods are used/workable there, though I have to imagine a hare's ear nymph or a buggy wet will still do the work. ANYWAY! I do like to read, so, anyone have any idea on fly fishing/tying books or fishing entomology works for western Europe (Belgium, France, Germany)? I have to imagine the insects will not be too dramatically different from those in the UK, but some must be, yes?
  11. O, I will! I plan on getting acclimated as soon as the weather permits, if you know what I mean... I'll take my camera =D
  12. There is no C&R in Germany? =/ Crap... I was looking at Germany (As I will live, literally, 5 minutes from Germany) and hoping to get my fishfix there. Well, Belgium is close too, yes! Heerlen is very far Southeast, and quite near both Germany and Belgium, and not terribly far from France or Luxembourg, either. Will have to see what is what, I suppose. EDIT: Welp, upon examination, Belgium looks to be by far the winner; the Ardennes seems to be the place, and it is much closer to where home will be, than the rivers I fish now, are to me now.
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