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  1. caught a few big carp on my cicada flies last week
  2. The hatch is on,1000s just on my small suburban lawn.They are now mostly airborn,at least the ones that are surviving the birds squirrels foxes etc.Started scouting ponds with old trees nearby.
  3. jcozzz

    Solar Eclipse

    Was a waem sunny day here just south of Chicago.We had 95%.Traveled 1 1/2 miles from home to a nice little bar.Got a kind of freaky twilight thing with a rapid temp drop and some wind like you get just before sunrise.I was just gonna sit on the porch but wife suggested a bucket of cold beers and a burger.Turned out to be a lot of fun.We had one here in the 90s and i was working outside.It got fairly dark with that one.
  4. Had a fam member that did billing for some of these fraudsters.he was an accountant and just shuffled paper so was not involoved in the actual fraud tho. But was in charge of billing for these medical vendors. He was key witness FOR the feds tho.Turned his quiet life upside down for some time.There was even a homicide and fugitive search involved.Can't make this stuff up.Once it was over and he could talk about it was like crime novel.We sat up all night by a fire on fishing trip years ago listening to his story.People will do crazy things for a few bucks or a lot of bucks i guess.
  5. the fish sure loved em last time around.Just listened to a podcast by the guy who wrote cicada madness.He says you could fish an emegence nearly every year by traveling to different areas .Caught a lot of fish on live ones 17 years ago.
  6. SZ 14 barbless Blue Damsel.Micro braid griz hackle micro crystal flash 1/8th foam eyes.Had to tie something smaller after a couple dozen cicadas.Will make some green Damsels tomorrow.
  7. Yep,just because they are registered as "non profit" a lot of the funds go to staff and administrators that are paid many times what the average person makes.Those TV ads are not cheap either.I give locally and anonymously if possible.I always gave to obviously disabled homeless dudes when i still worked construction in downtown Chicago.My coworkers would give me crap sometimes.I used to give one guy a couple bucks and a few smokes.I would get the "why you giving that bum money".It was 2 degrees out,the guy had no legs ,in a busted up wheel chair and i was pretty sure he would not make it thru another winter.As far as people go-who knows anymore.I think the phsycos running this planet have big plans for the future that do not include most of us.
  8. Saw a braile menu at a fast food drive thru .
  9. Some proto types.The foam cutter is a game changer for sure.I used part of the Sickcada pattern and a predator style head with lots of legs for surface commotion.They will be around for 6 weeks starting sometime in May so i will have time to adjust if this pattern is a dud.
  10. Have never got one over 10 myself.Got one right at 25 inches but it was a fall fish so probably 9lbs.Small pond fish and she was wore out and old.Fish could have swallowed a beer can.My brother got a 12 in Florida 30 years ago.Hard to believe the wprld record is 10lbs biggere than this kids nearly 14 which is huge.
  11. Thanks,i tied these with what i had on hand.I remember the BOWs that had large hatches last time.They also happen to have big carp as well as bass.We have annuals here as well but not enough near the water for the fish to key on.I figure with the popper heads they will make more commotion.When they land in the water cicadas really struggle with those big wings.The bugs pictured look a lot better IRL than my poor quality pics.Ordered some beavertail foam cutters,the best looking patterns i have seen are based on the large cutter.I am not good enough with deer hair to make some of those life like works of fly art i viewed on line.I will be targeting BIG carp mostly.I know where the fish are and BOWs that had 1000s of cicadas last time.I no longer work so i can put some time into this hatch.Carp in the 10-20 lb or more range are possible.Do not know if i will be around for the next emergence.
  12. I have seen some decent chenille worm patterns but senkos are a different animal.I catch dozens of bass every season on senkos.The weight and wobble is what makes them so unique and versatile.Rabbit zonker makes a so-so worm but bass just don't hang on to and swim away with anything i have come up with.If you worm fish for bass it is a feel the bite watch the line kind of fishing not easy to do with a flyrod.Top water and streamers are a different story.Crayfish patterns are good too.A bass really studies a worm and even if they inhale it they can spit it faster than an angler can react.This of course is my opinion but i have caught 100s and 100s of bass in my days.I will be more than happy to fish a worm/fly that works but have not been very sucessful myself.
  13. Playing with some cicada poppers.sz 10 mustad streamer hooks.Flymen sz small popper heads orange dub brn crystal flash .black foam body.orangeish sili legs
  14. Really cool.I just liked looking at the pic for a few minutes.
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