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  1. To many questions, the rare earth metals for batteries being just one, and how is the electricity produced to charge the vehicle? And now we see fires starting from cars being charged. Nice idea but take some time and get right. Mike.
  2. Yup! Love it, and in my case it’s true.
  3. Excellent Steve, I fish the S.B., and it has been very good, although I went to one of favorite small streams this week because of the heat. Nice workout for a old man, and some nice brookies. I’m not sure the water temp was that good so no pics, and frankly I try and them wet and gone. mike.
  4. Hey, I did that once in my 1977 k5 blazer, it was a blast, but I only did it once. mike.
  5. Thanks Scott, I will be looking up Davies video on this subject. Enjoy the bird watching, and hopefully good weather. Mike.
  6. Scott, I love your partridge spinner! I’m wondering could you to sbs or maybe a tutorial on tying hackle spent wings? It won’t be long here for brown drakes, I was lucky enough to be on the S.B. Ausable a couple of years when there was awesome spinner fall. There were fish rising everywhere, and hundreds of drake spinners on the water and in the air. thanks, Mike. .
  7. Roberts yellow drake, I did well with these last year. This year has been a bit of conundrum, the water levels were very low but the wading was great! But alas we had some big rains, and the never ending wind and cold temps= no bugs. I was frozen Tuesday, hopefully it warm up a bit and water levels will drop some. mike.
  8. Well done Nathan! That is a really awesome fish. I have enjoyed your Hendrickson patterns the last couple of months, thanks for sharing. Mike.
  9. Very nice, l’m going to give some a try. Mike.
  10. I got the hair brush treatment from my mom if I even you lords name in vain. But growing up in flint Michigan you were going to hear it a lot, it was called shop talk working at GM, and was considered protected speech by the uaw. I still hate it, reducing another person, anyone to some sort of vulgar act or hateful word is just not right. We all have differences of opinion, and I know it’s pie in the sky to think that we could have some sort of dialogue and at least try and get along. As a youngster growing up in the 60,s I was taught to be respectful of others, and when I didn’t my mom had no problem using the hair brush on my bottom, that wasn’t a big deal, it was when my dad got home from work, let’s just say it got a lot more serious. Mike.
  11. Awesome sandan, I love biot and quill body flies. Mike.
  12. Nice video, and nice fish. Is the rod bamboo, and if so who is the builder? thanks, Mike.
  13. I know the feeling oh so well, for me it was many years ago winter steelheading on the Ausable river. I was fishing a 7 wt. rod I built as Michigan mother style drift rod with a Shakespeare 1810 under spin reel. My father-in-law and I fished every weekend up there after bow season ended, it had been along winter and I not even hooked a fish. One day while walking down river I came across a spot that just looked real fishy, fishing a springs wiggler it took a bit to get the right chuck and duck drift. But finally just ticking bottom I got unmistakeable light steelhead take. Setting the hook I could feel the head shakes of a good fish, and then a burning run, followed by me accidentally hitting the handle on the reel causing it to release line. This of course led to a major tangle inside the reel, I got the cover off and fumbled with mess, and then another good run and fish off. I stood there staring at the reel and then the water, the feeling of disappointment was pretty bad at the time, I never used that reel again, still have it and I like to get it out once in while just as reminder of my father-in-law and I some of the crazy outdoor adventures we shared. Mike
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