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  1. Your avatar says, Favorite Species:Bluegill My favs as well, if that is a fact and you are tying for Gills I would suggest a hook downsize to 8 or 10 or 12
  2. Feisty fish + 4wt = Fun !
  3. Nice Catch ! Even better dinner !! Woohoo!!!!!!!
  4. I am familiar with a Ned Rig but would like to see your fly version of a Ned Rig. Any pics of the "Rich Rig" ?
  5. Great report, nice fish and best of all fishing time with a friend. Doesn't hardly get better than that! Thanks for the report and pics, well done.
  6. Wow, classy and practical. Awesome job on creating your vision. Kudos
  7. Wow, FULL DAY! Rest up and tight lines.
  8. Woohoo ! Post some pics and details if you get a chance. Would love to hear some tales of the "Battle of the Bream" Tight Lines and safe travels.
  9. Stonfo still makes one for 8 spools.
  10. Big Gills can be just as wary and selective as trout. I have my most success fishing top water early in the morning and in the evening. I love fishing top water and watching Gills with their backs out of the water chasing down a gurgler or popper. All that being said. wet flies would be my first choice for a June, July, August, September Bluegill trip.
  11. If you can S T R E T C H your budget just a little, I like this vise from J Stockard. https://www.jsflyfishing.com/js-tools-ez-rotary-vise
  12. Agree 100% cause I hunt for "The Bigguns"
  13. Whoa ! Nicely done is an understatement.
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