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  1. ITS COMING! MONDAY after Thanksgiving. Our Lowest prices of the year! Use code CYBER22 for 15% off our ENTIRE STORE Whitetail Fly Tieing Supplies:https://whitetailflytieing.com/ No affiliation other than a customer. You be the judge.
  2. If there is such "a thing" as a State Vehicle, .......like a State Bird or a State Fish, I am convinced that the Subaru Outback is the State Vehicle of Wisconsin. A short drive up there will convince you of that fact. of course in some "cheesey color" LOL
  3. @ Squeezy does this hopper pattern have a name? ...........or should we call it the "SSH" = Squeezy Smallie Hopper? Like it!
  4. gillage


    If that was close to my home , my wife would never see me. Drop dead gorgeous! you are a lucky man.
  5. Welcome to the Forum. I am into warm water species as well. Panfish, specifically Bluegills are a passion. PM me when you can and I can recommend some productive patterns. You will hear it said here and other places that Bluegill will eat anything, and while that is true for the smaller ones, the "bigguns", know as Gillage at my house, are and can be very selective. tight lines, Rick
  6. Love it. Great video, he's a keeper for sure!!!!!
  7. Thanks for posting the SBS for this pattern. Appreciate you and your efforts.
  8. Woohoo! He's a KEEPER!
  9. Brim Fly Hook: Nymph 2X Heavy, 2X Long, # 10-12 Thread: UTC 70 Red Tail: White Marabou Body: Gray Chenille Back: Brown/Black variegated chenille Legs: White round rubber
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