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  1. Blaine, Don't know of many 600 acre lakes in central Illinois other than Lake Bloomington. Welcome to the site. Warm water fly fishing is my thing as well since I am hours from any trout. Love catching big Bluegill best of all. Hit me up for panfish fly ideas or if you are ever back this way to visit. Tight lines, Gillage
  2. I stand corrected, I was too quick to respond. Jason Jone was responsible for the GFA Mini Hopper, a close but not exactly the same pattern. Using Elk hair and foam body is tied differently. My apologizes.
  3. I think from what I have seen Without the hot spot, the Mini Hopper was developed by Jason Jones, the same person to bring you the Bluegill Candy Hopper. My favorite surface Bluegill fly tied on #10 in yellow, bar none.
  4. Does anyone recognize what tail feather this might be on this tie? I don't have it in hand for personal inspection, it's from a picture. Thanks in advance.
  5. These look especially delicious! Nice work.
  6. Me too! I like these ideas. I picked up an Echo Gecko for the grand-kids and need to build some anticipation and excitement for the local pond with some of the grand-kids this summer. Great ideas @DFoster.
  7. Scott, Video link comes back to this page.
  8. Whoa, that a way Dad ! Nice job young lady.
  9. You might be thinking of Stippled Popper
  10. I would go out and immediately buy a lottery ticket! LOL
  11. gillage


    "Loose as a Goose" is definately a thing
  12. Hands down for me a "Cap Spider". Killer pattern and provides experience with chenille and rubber legs.
  13. Scott, Thanks for the help. Much appreciated and the fixed link. Rick
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