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  1. Anyone know how to dye pheasant crest white with out damage to the feathers
  2. Vicrider, I was on other forum sites, and it was younger guys. It is good to see other guys older or even younger take interest in fly tying. You would hope some of the younger generation would carry on. Times change, its good us older guys and gals hang in on these types of forums. Thanks for sharing
  3. Squeeze I wanted to load some pictures of my own. Some reason I’m not sure if I’m getting it right to load a picture. Any advice on loading pics to submit
  4. Squeezey. I’m new at fly tying but I’m surprised at what I have started to see just walking around in wooded areas If the feathers look good I try to use them. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I created. Helps to save a little money on feathers. Good luck tying
  5. I’m new to the post and by the date that I’m seeing this is an older post but wow Great job. Looks like you have been tying awhile
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