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  1. I still have a 2”x2” piece I bought in like 1969 or 1970. I’ve only tied a couple flies with it and it’s been put in storage ever since it’s a yellowed over the years.
  2. While in a kick boat I’ve had two huge ones come up and follow me. One actually came up and bit my swim fin. scary little animals if you asked me
  3. Tagging along this is gonna be fun to watch thanks Mark for taking the time to do it.
  4. He wants to know how to tie it Looks like techniques used on a lotta crab patterns
  5. Anybody know what this is called? Or have a link on a how to? I could probably pretty much figure out how to do this but I’m doing it for a friend with limited tying experience.
  6. Well Scadden is out and that’s too bad cause I really liked a couple of models there. after reading literally hundreds of reviews on him and his products there’s no way I would do business with that company. I’m really sick congestive heart disease heart works at 20% 0CPD Lungs work at 40%. If I do everything the doctors say I got one to three years to live. I get winded just thinking about doing things😉 it needs to be light weight and have oars. I won’t be able to kick it for a full day of fishing I want the oars so I can switch back-and-forth. I saw a couple boats with frames that might be doable but I don’t know if I want to mess with a frame. Like the Colorado XT
  7. I’ve looked at all those and the sea eagle lineup I forgot about Scadden... i’ve looked at those in the past and it looks like he’s having a really nice sale right now. I really like a couple models he has there might just go that route
  8. Yeah I have a Lotta issues when it comes to picking a boat like this. If I was healthy and had a truck or a car with a hitch it would be a no brainer. I have a tiny economy car that I can’t afford to put a hitch on($500) so I need an inflatable or something I can strap to the roof of my car. and light weight. right now I get winded putting my socks on. that will get better but not by much. I figure a little kicking and rowing will do me some good. Later down the road I can upgrade to a troller motor on it. I’ve been looking at my options for at least a year and it kind of boils down to these guys right now. Granted they are a little $$$ but not compared to some of framed ones which I don’t want to deal with as far as hassle and $$$$. If I had 2-4K to spend I’d put a hitch on my car and buy a plastic to 2 man bass boat
  9. Does anyone have any hands on experience with these things? they look pretty bad ass as far as float tubes go. The company is out of France and their website leaves a little bit to be desired.... says every model is not in stock anymore But I know they are. The closest dealer near me is a 2 1/2 hour drive from where I live one way. I finally found an email contact to ask questions waiting on an answer.
  10. I always enjoy your posts Denduke
  11. There was one going for over $450 last week. 😂 I just picked up a number one cape for $70 and number one saddle for $50 and they’re nicer looking than that it’s a real good example of Cree. I know one dealer that won’t sell to you unless you promise not to put it on eBay and try to gouge somebody
  12. I have a saved search for those and nothing I found a guy listing two spare spoolstoday but he doesn’t even know what model they fit or anything....They Look like Gunnison to me I’m bouncing emails with him right now trying to figure it out
  13. Screw it I found this on the bay I couldn’t stop myself ”Sage Graphite III 8'9" 7wt 2pc 10th Anniversary Fly Rod #74 out of 300 “ never been fished with a Holland leather case. I think the case alone runs about $150 don’t they I think I’m gonna need a couch to sleep on for a while boys
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