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  1. I hope so bc so far mine has a bead plus 2 materials
  2. Great set of flies everyone! Thanks for hosting bob! It’s been a really busy swapping season this year, hope we can keep the spirit alive, I’m ready for the next one!
  3. My caterpillars went out yesterday along with some extra goodies
  4. May need to start allowing more participants per swap to make it worth the extra charge maybe instead of 12, more like 20
  5. I’ll take a terrific trump topwater😉
  6. I’d like to see you join back up on a few, interested in seeing what you guys tie down there!
  7. Mine are done, I’ll get them out as soon as one of my altoids tins come back!
  8. If you want everyone to tie 12 flies, there is actually room for one more tier
  9. Got them today, thanks! I was trying to track my number, come to find out tgey put a new one on it
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