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  1. Mine shipped on 7-1 figured that would be plenty of time
  2. Just dropped mine off at the PO, thanks for hosting Bob!
  3. My golden stones will go postal today or tomorrow
  4. Just got mine to the PO still haven’t named it, just a little something a threw together with peacock hurl and some nice looking poly braid string
  5. I hope so bc so far mine has a bead plus 2 materials
  6. Great set of flies everyone! Thanks for hosting bob! It’s been a really busy swapping season this year, hope we can keep the spirit alive, I’m ready for the next one!
  7. My caterpillars went out yesterday along with some extra goodies
  8. May need to start allowing more participants per swap to make it worth the extra charge maybe instead of 12, more like 20
  9. I’ll take a terrific trump topwater😉
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